Make your camper's week even better by signing them up for Horsemanship as an extra activity for summer camp!

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Horsemanship Options

Sky 1: Grades 1-3

Good Father Relay and Horse Vaulting

Two one-hour sessions

Activities include: During the Good Father Relay, ride your Wrangler-guided horse through an obstacle course, spend all of your inheritance before feeding the pigs, and come home to the Good Father. Riders also spend an activity period learning to perform tricks on the back of one of our most famous horses.

They would likely miss: The Activity Center, mini golf, or activities that the cabin will do another time during the week.

Price: Only $49 per camper

Sky 2: Grades 4-5

The Prodigal Son Obstacle Course and Nature’s View Trail Ride

Two one-hour sessions

Activities include: The Prodigal Son Obstacle Course - campers guide their horses through cool obstacles and spend their inheritance before feeding the pigs and heading home to their Father's house. Riders also get to experience a Nature's View Trail Ride through the piney woods and flowing creeks of Sky Ranch.

They would likely miss: Two of the five Cracker Barrel times. No activities will be missed.

Price: Only $59 per camper

Sky 3: Grades 6-7

Prodigal Son Challenge Course, Cowboy Up Cattle Drive, Advanced Horsemanship, and Ropin’, Ridin’ Rodeo Challenges

Mon, Tue, Wed, and Fri

Activities include: In the Prodigal Son Challenge Course, riders maneuver through challenges as they make it back to The Father’s Ranch. Each rider will be a part of a real Cowboy Up Cattle Drive, by helping the Sky Ranch Wranglers corral real-life longhorns. Campers enhance their horse riding skills at Advanced Horsemanship, which includes a riddle solving horseback experience. Wrap up the week with Ropin', Ridin', Rodeo Challenges by participating in individual roping practice, working as a team to pen some of the ranch's longhorn cattle, and riding our bucking bull dummy. 

Campers will not miss Cracker Barrel
Each day the campers will be dropped off at Cracker Barrel to enjoy the last 15 minutes of the period with their cabin!

Price: Only $79 per camper

Sky 4: Grades 8-9

Tack up and Trail Ride, Cowboy Up Cattle Drive, Rodeo Prep and Practice Day, Hide-N-Seek, and Friday Fun Arena Day.

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Activities include: Tack Up and Trail Ride - the Sky Ranch Wranglers help campers learn how to groom and saddle their own horse, then take a ride through our beautiful trails. Each rider will join the Wranglers as they work as a team to round up real-life longhorns during our Cowboy Up Cattle Drive. Riders enjoy Rodeo Prep and Practice Day perfecting the grand entry pattern they will perform at the Sky 1 and 2 Rodeo that night. Riders also play a suspenseful game of Hide-N-Seek, guided by Wranglers, to find the best hiding spot and beat the other team to the Livery before being found. They wrap the week up with the Wranglers at the Champions Rodeo Arena with Friday Fun Arena Day.

Campers will not miss any activities with their cabin.

Price: Only $89 per camper

Additional Option for Sky 4 Campers

Young Wrangler - Tack up and Trail Ride, Cowboy Up Cattle Drive, Rodeo Prep and Practice Day, Hide-N-Seek, and Friday Fun Arena Day. PLUS assisting Wranglers preparing for the day and helping facilitate Sky 1 Horsemanship activities.

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri

Activities include: Campers get to do all of the Sky 4 activities and also assist Sky Ranch Wranglers each morning preparing for the day and with Sky 1 Horsemanship activities.

Campers will not miss any activities.

Price: $119 per camper (price includes Sky 4 activities)