Sky Ranch offers Parent Child weekends designed to encourage and foster a relevant, intentional, and relational experience for parents and children. With so many distractions, from social media and friends to even school and work, quality time with your children can be hard to find. Sky Ranch Parent Child Weekends are the perfect occasion to intentionally set aside time to give your children the precious gift of your undivided attention.


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Parent child mother daughter
Parent child father son
Parent child mother son
Parent child father daughter


This purposeful weekend is a chance for moms and daughters to laugh, listen, talk, and get away from things that normally distract both of you. Intentional moments of connection and play offer moms and daughters the chance to see that you share the same desires to enjoy life, have fun, and be loved.

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Parent child mother daughter


The Heart of a Warrior Weekend is about affirming connections between Father and Son. It’s purposefully designed to help each boy find the strength he needs to fight the good fight of becoming an honorable man.

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Parent child father son


This weekend is a chance for moms to connect with their sons in an environment that includes more "doing" than "talking". Opportunities abound for sons to see their mother not only as ‘Mom’, but as a woman that has excellent insights and someone who will be their number one fan for life.

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Parent child mother son


Father Daughter weekend is created to be a meaningful weekend between a father and his daughter(s). Full of relevant speakers, intentional moments, purposeful play, and fun – this weekend is sure to be a memory-maker and a blessing to both a daddy and his girl.

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Parent child father daughter
The Parent Child Experience
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Removed from Distraction

The daily routine of life can become overwhelming with work and school. It’s easy to miss opportunities to bond in the middle of a busy season. This is why Sky Ranch wants to create an environment that will allow parents and children to unplug from the day-to-day and spend time reconnecting with each other. Come spend a weekend with your child at Sky Ranch and focus on relationships and having fun.

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Fun with a Purpose

At Sky Ranch, we take fun very seriously. There’s something about fun that’s contagious. When a parent joins in having fun with their child, it creates wonderful memories for them to share. Our Parent Child weekends offer a variety of activities that provide an opportunity to interact in ways that are hard to find at home. Conquering fears together on the ziplines, exploring creativity with crafts, and strategizing with laser tag are just a few of the activities that help our families bond and have fun together. Come laugh, smile, and play with your child as you spend quality time investing in who they are becoming.

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Intentional Moments

Sky Ranch plans intentional moments for each weekend to allow the parents to go beyond the surface and really get to know their child. Whether that’s the Father Son “Word of the Father Blessing” that strengthens and encourages the son, the Mother Daughter “Game Night” that allows for intentional conversations in the midst of dancing and games, the Mother Son Date Night that gives mother and sons good one-on-one time, or the Father Daughter Barn Dance, we want to create moments for parents and children to purposefully grow together.

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Strengthening the Foundation

We at Sky Ranch want our families to go home with the ability to continue developing great family relationships. After a weekend at Sky Ranch, parents will go home refreshed after spending intentional time with their child. These are the moments that your child will build upon and one day look back and remember for their lifetime.

Private Accommodations
Private accommodations are available for an additional $135 per family.

Looking for a weekend with the whole family? 

Family Camp Weekend is a time to get away with your family. Relax, rejuvenate, remember why you love each other, and recognize the value of time spent together.

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