Quest is the second step in Phase 2 of the Life Map. It is a great experience for a young teen who loves the camp atmosphere and wants to add a deeper spiritual focus to their time at Sky Ranch. Quest campers dive into an understanding of what it means to not just be hearers of the word, but to also be doers.

Quest counselors are hand-picked for the program and a portion of every camper’s day is dedicated to Bible study and leadership development. The aim of the Quest program is for each camper to leave with a greater knowledge of God, a deeper understanding of who they are, and the skills necessary to propel them into the future God designed for them.


Van, TX

Life Map

Phase 2: Experience


Grade 9

Based upon grade entering in fall of 2019

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What makes Quest unique?

Intentional Community

We take the next step in intentional community with a larger focus on learning the design and the purpose of the body of Christ. Because of the limited amount of participants per session, campers are able to build deeper relationships with counselors and other campers in their cabin.


In Quest, campers experience ownership of faith through programming and participation in “Real Talk,” an activity where campers learn to give an answer for their faith and navigate cultural issues in a way that proclaims the truth and grace of the Gospel of Jesus. This module is designed to move from just learning the truths of scripture to applying it to their lives.

Intensive Bible Study

Counselors are trained to facilitate Quest’s custom Bible study by asking challenging questions that allow camper led discussions over the truths of the Bible and how to apply it to their lives.

Service Projects

Picking up where campers left off in Morph, the focus on service continues in Quest, where campers move past a face-to-face relational service and process the growth that comes from serving in “thankless” areas. Campers have the opportunity to directly serve camp by assisting with the operations of night events for younger campers. Quest campers serve behind the scenes and learn the character of humility as they recognize the value of laying down their lives out of a response to how Jesus first laid down His life for us.

Daily Schedule
9:00 am
9:50 am
Activity 1
11:00 am
Activity 2
12:10 pm
Bible Study
1:20 pm
2:00 pm
Activity 3
3:10 pm
Service Project
4:20 pm
Cracker Barrel
5:30 pm
Tribal Competition
6:40 pm
8:00 pm
Lodge Talk
8:30 pm
Night Event
Life Map
Sky Ranch developed and implements an intentional plan that builds on itself year after year, and guides us as we design programs and activities for your children, with the goal of helping them become all that God created them to be.


There's never a dull moment at Sky Ranch.

Bible Study

Sky Ranch’s biblically-based study curriculum is based upon answering one of the annually rotating worldview questions:

  • Who is real? (God is real)
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Who do you trust? (Scripture)
  • Who are you?

Each program in the Life Map will tackle these worldview questions through our specifically developed curriculum meant to intentionally target our campers based upon the stage of life they are in and level of questions they are asking.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is a time for campers to visit the camp store during the day and have structured free time to play games and hang out with friends and counselors, all while enjoying their favorite snack or purchasing a camp keepsake from the store to take home.


Get connected to your creative side and enjoy one of the pre-planned crafts. Sky Ranch provides the materials and instructions.

Crazy Pool

Cool down at the Crazy Pool, complete with a Wet Willie Superslide, basketball goal, water cannons, 9-Square in the Air, and an Aqua Zip’n!


The Marina at Sky Ranch is a waterfront activity area that has plenty to do! AquaTrikes, Canoes, Corcls, and Stand Up Paddle Boards provide the opportunity for a remarkable experience.

Party Pool

Kick your feet in the shallow end, play water polo, or challenge yourself on the trapeze!


Skywaii features swimming and lakefront activities such as the Blob, Wet Willie Slide, and Water Inflatables!


The most popular summer camp activity, campers get the thrill of racing over the waters of our 90-acre Sky Lake as they are pulled on an inflatable behind a boat.

Mat Racers & Water Slides

Have a thrilling race down the four-lane mat racers, and then go cruise through the three different water slides.


Gather around the campfire with friends to roast marshmallows, share stories, and laugh.


Speed down our multi-line ziplines with your friends. A high-flying adventure you'll never forget!

3-Person Giant Swing

Our thrilling 3-person swing offers a beautiful bird's-eye view of the lake.

Vertical Playground

Climb high and challenge yourself at the Vertical Playground, with three high ropes options: swing on the Pendulum, leap for the trapeze on the Pole, or race up the Dueling Ladders.

The Block - Activity Center

The Block is our air-conditioned activity center, which provides a way for guests to beat the heat by playing games indoors like Basketball, Gaga, Volleyball, and Ping Pong.

Gaga Ball

The more players the better! Dubbed a kinder gentler version of dodge ball, Gaga Ball is played with a ball, and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees. Players need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the ball. Fun and easy, everyone gets a serious workout.

Laser Tag

Set in an outdoor course, Laser Tag is an exciting game of strategy and teamwork.


Sky Ranch offers a full-sized basketball court.


Sky Ranch offers a full-sized volleyball court.

Nights Events

Each night of the week is packed with an awesome theme night created with your camper's age in mind. From the unforgettable Carnival & Rodeo for Sky 1 & 2 to the tradition of Mission Impossible for Sky 3 all the way through Leadership camps, campers are sure to have a blast.

The Cord

An adventure high in the trees, this high ropes course gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself on various elements and finish with a fun descent!

Frontier Town

Frontier Town is a fun-packed activity zone: featuring the Adventure Playground, T-swing, and a netted arena that can be used for Dodgeball.

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