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Sigma Junior

Grade 11

Crazy Fun

Powerful Purpose

Best Camp Ever

Sigma is an invitation only program that exists to further develop spiritually-minded young leaders into fully dedicated disciples of Jesus Christ. Sigma Junior is a two-week adventure for campers entering their junior year of high school that takes place at our Sky Ranch Horn Creek location in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains. Our goal is to develop campers in their faith, character, and heart to serve. What we look for in a Sigma candidate is someone who hungers to grow in the Lord and who seeks to embody the characteristics represented by the four pillars of the Sigma program, as well as, the founding verse, 2 Timothy 2:1-7.

This camp has become a very popular capstone event in a high school student’s life. In fact, many of our summer staff positions in our DFW based Launch Camps, Work Crew at Ute Trail, and our Van location are now being filled with Sigma graduates.


Horn Creek, CO

Life Map

Phase 2: Experience


Grade 11

Based upon the grade they will be entering in the fall following the summer they attend

Dates & Pricing

What makes Sigma Junior unique?

Sigma Junior Facilities

Sigma Junior is at Sky Ranch Horn Creek, the same location as Quest Colorado, but has its own unique place on camp. Sigma Junior also spends its second week off camp in Colorado Springs interacting with local ministries.


The Four Pillars

The Sigma programs are based on four pillars designed to give structure and direction to the discipleship process of the Sigma experience. These pillars equip campers with leadership skills and framework while they encounter day-to-day life as followers of Christ. The curriculum and activities are built out uniquely for the Sigma Junior and Sigma Senior program.

Pillar Application

A Sigma strives to positions their relationship with Jesus as top priority in their life because they recognize him as Lord and desire to be led through life and make decisions based upon the truth revealed through their relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the practice and guidance of hand-selected counselors, campers will take the next step in learning to observe, interpret, and apply the Bible in depth for themselves during times of inductive Bible study. Sigmas will also gather each day before breakfast for a devotional that teaches campers to be Christ-centered.

Because a Sigma believes that Jesus is Lord, they strive to live a life pleasing to Him. As a child of God, a Sigma realizes that they aren’t perfect, but have been redeemed for a purpose. Throughout the two-week experience, each Sigma takes time to share their life story with their small group. Counselors are trained to teach campers to be God glorifying in their story by helping campers to see God’s faithfulness and purpose in their lives. Sigmas also take time to look at their lives and discover the ways they can bring glory to God through every aspect of their life from school, to sports, to friendships, ect.

A Sigma desires to grow in their faith and will do this efficiently when they follow Jesus alongside others who share the same love for the Lord and His word. The Sigma community serves as an example to teach campers to be a strong part of their local church and true Biblical community. A limited amount of campers per session allow deeper relationships with counselors and other campers in their cabin.

A Sigma is someone who, desiring to better understand what it means to glorify God and be Christ centered, learns that they are designed by God to serve a purpose. By living on mission, a Sigma strives to take opportunities to love and serve people around them in everyday life. Sigmas visit Compassion International, a ministry focused on taking care of a child’s basic needs, while investing in the development of that child and their family through the local church. This experience teaches campers to identify a missional need while correctly and appropriately meeting that need. During this off camp adventure, Sigmas are educated on service and ministry, and how living on mission can look in their own lives.

In addition to the summer experience, Sigmas are invited to special weekend retreats during the school year with our professional ministry team and college staff.


There's never a dull moment at Sky Ranch.

Bible Study

Sky Ranch’s biblically-based study curriculum answers one of the annually rotating worldview questions:

  • Who is real? (God is real)
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Who do you trust? (Scripture)
  • Who are you?

Each program will tackle these 4 questions from the Life Map meant to intentionally challenge and encourage our campers where they are at developmentally. By moving through them every four years, campers work through these questions in the different stages of childhood – developing and deepening in their understanding as they mature.


Gather around the campfire with friends to roast marshmallows, share stories, and laugh.


Speed down our multi-line ziplines with your friends. A high-flying adventure you'll never forget!

Gaga Ball

The more players the better! Dubbed a kinder, gentler version of dodge ball, Gaga Ball is played with a kickball, and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents below the knees. Players need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the ball. Fun and easy, everyone gets a serious workout.

Alpine Swing

This is a swing unlike any other! Get ready for a 360-degree view.

Rec Center

The Horn Creek Rec Center is packed full of entertainment so, no matter the weather, there is always something to do: Bowling, Rock Climbing, Basketball, Racquetball, the Trading Post store, Peaks Treats, and more!

Hanging Log

Test your balance as you duel an opponent atop our hanging log.

Peak's View Target Trail

This activity area offers a handful of different target sports to try, like Tomahawks, Archery, and BB Guns.


Recline, sun bathe, swim, play and relax over at the pool!

Water Slides

Choose from three different slides. Race a friend down or enjoy a refreshing cool down.

Team Building

Spend some intentional time together as a team problem-solving your way through a few of our team challenges or low ropes elements.


Sky Ranch offers a full-sized basketball court.


Sky Ranch offers a full-sized sand volleyball court.

Nights Events

Each night of the week is packed with an awesome theme night created with your camper's age in mind. From the unforgettable Carnival & Rodeo for Sky 1 & 2 to the tradition of Mission Impossible for Sky 3 all the way through Leadership camps, campers are sure to have a blast.

High Ropes

An adventure high in the trees, the high ropes course gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself on various elements and finish with a zipline!

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2024 Dates and Pricing

  • Session 1: May 26 – June 8
  • Session 2: June 2-15
  • Session 3: June 9-22
  • Session 4: June 16-29
  • Session 5: June 23 - July 6
  • Session 6: June 30 - July 13
  • Session 7: July 7-20
  • Session 8: July 14-27
Price of this two week program: $3,229 (plus CO tax)

This program is only available by invitation and is offered to a select number of students. Campers receive an invitation based on a recommendation process that takes place during Quest Colorado. For questions about the program please contact Janae Wellum, Leadership Camp Manager, via email

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Life Map

Sky Ranch developed and implements an intentional plan that builds on itself year after year, and guides us as we design programs and activities for your children, with the goal of helping them become all that God created them to be.