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Defeated No More - Lainie Montgomery

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Defeated. Moms, you know the feeling: The plan for a homecooked dinner that turns into another crazy, eat-on-the-run meal; the intentional family devotional time that turns into a sibling wrestling match; the unwanted comparison game that leaves you feeling discontent and unsatisfied; the heartbreak of a broken relationship you don’t know how to fix; the words and tones you wish you could unwind.

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Easter Recipe - Nappa Cabbage Salad

What are your Go-To recipes to serve for Easter lunch? My family always requests my cream corn, green bean bundles and a delicious salad.

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Lainie Montgomery - Celebrating the Biggest Win

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We all love to celebrate a good win. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, games and achievements. One of the things that my husband and I committed to do when our children were young was creating family traditions around our celebrations.

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What Sky Ranch is doing with Telemedicine

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Sky Ranch takes your child’s well-being seriously. In addition to staffing Health Care Professionals at the Health Center in Van, TX during summer camp, Sky Ranch also provides Telemedicine!

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Why SKY?

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Thanks to my husband and mom, Ainsley and I just returned from a Mother Daughter Weekend retreat at Sky Ranch. It was life-changing for us. So many soul cleansing tears were shed. For the first time EVER, I felt truly connected to my girl.