Summer Prep

Texas Overnight Camp

We cannot wait for you to drive through our gates this summer!

This page contains all the need-to-knows for summer programs: Sky 1-4, Morph, Quest, Young Riders, and Sky Fillies.

First time camper? Click here for helpful resources.

Learn more about who we are, safety, helpful tips, and see resources like blogs for packing.

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Pre-Camp Checklist

    Follow this list and you will have everything you need by the time camp rolls around! 

    Screen shot the list with your phone to save.

    • Log into your Online Account:
      • Confirm your account is paid in full.
      • Complete your Health Form, Terms & Conditions
      • Answer the “Additional Questions.”
      • Sign up for Paintball and Horsemanship under Reservations.
      • Pre-Order Skypacks, and Snack Packs!
      • Confirm your Roommate Requests.
      • Add funds to your Store Card.
      • Confirm your camper’s shirt size in the “Additional Questions”


    Two weeks before camp
    • Review the Sky Ranch Response page to know what health precautions to take before your week at camp.
    • You will be emailed your cabin assignment Thursday – 10 days before camp.
    • Check the packing list.
    • Prepare Camper Mail & Care Packages.
    • Download the Bunk1 App and log in using your Sky Ranch account information. Make sure notifications are turned on so you can receive important updates about camp.


    One week before camp
    • Plan night event outfits.
    • Camper Medication: Must be in a labeled prescription bottle. Learn more about medication, lice protocol, and health policies here.


    Day before camp
    • Make sure you have everything together (check the packing list again)
    • You are emailed for the Health Questionnaire. (It’s required!)
    • Fill out your camper’s Sky Ranch luggage tags and attach them to your camper’s luggage.
    • Facial Recognition! Upload a clear photo of your camper’s face to the Bunk1 App so you can be notified when new photos of your camper are uploaded to the app each day!


    Day of camp
    • Decorate your car!
    • Bring your driver’s license - it’s required.
    • Don’t forget your camper mail/care packages. (We deliver on Tuesday and Thursday!)
    • Be sure the temperature of every person in your car is under 100.
    • Listen to the Parent Camp Podcast in iTunes or Google Play with your campers.
    • Head to your favorite place on earth!


    During camp
    • Send your camper emails and view daily photos with the Bunk1 App. (expect to see a handful of photos of your camper throughout the week)
    • Listen to the daily podcasts on Sky Ranch Parent Camp to be a part of the experience.
    Packing List

    What to Bring

    Required Items

    Please make sure to label all of your camper's belongings!

    Clothing T-shirts/tops (no strapless)
    Blue jeans/long pants Shorts (modest length please)
    Raincoat/poncho* Lightweight jacket/fleece
    Tennis shoes (2 pair) Swimsuit (one-piece only)
    Clothes to get dirty Hand sanitizer
    Baseball cap/hat* Twin bed sheets/blankets/sleeping bag
    Outfits for night events Pillow & pillow case
    Water bottle* Towels (shower & beach)*
    Socks Toiletries*
    Water shoes or old sneakers (Crocs don't count!) Pajamas


    Optional Extras

    Disposable cameras Flashlight*
    Sunscreen Laundry bag
    Insect repellent Wash cloth
    Bible/journal/pens* Care packages**
    Stationery/stamps* (Pre-addressed please)  


    *For your convenience, these items are sold in the Legacy Center Corner Store

    **Care Packages: Make sure to read up on guidelines for bringing care packages. Sky Ranch also offers the option to purchase pre-made SkyPacks for cabin delivery. See them in your Online Account.


    For Young Riders & Sky Fillies Rodeo Camps

    • Riding boots.
    • If your camper is bringing their own horse, please remember to bring buckets, feed, supplements, and all tack required for your horse for the week. If using a Sky Ranch horse, all of the above will be provided.
    • A riding helmet is required. If you do not have a helmet, Sky Ranch will provide one.
    • We will divide into teams for the Rodeo, so please pack both a red and a blue shirt.


    What NOT to Bring

    Any web-enabled devices Cell phones Alcohol
    Tobacco products iPads/tablets Fireworks
    Handheld video game systems Computers Bikes
    Paintball guns and gear Skateboards Illegal drugs
    Skeet shooting equipment Wake boarding equipment Climbing gear
    Weapons (including pocket knives and multi-tools) Money Archery equipment
    Personal sports equipment Pets  Scooters


    Any electronic device that can access the internet breaches our security policy. If discovered by a counselor, it will be collected and stored until the end of the camper's session. In addition, Sky Ranch cannot be responsible for lost or broken articles. Please do not bring anything that would break easily or cause loss if misplaced.


    Helpful Hints

    • Large suitcases or trunks are best (no larger than 32Lx18Wx14H)
    • There is a themed night event each evening and campers are encouraged to dress up. Learn more here.
    • Don’t buy a lot of new clothing - this is camp, and we will most likely get wet and dirty!
    • Use ziplock bags to waterproof items.
    • Don’t send anything that you consider irreplaceable.
    • Clearly and boldly label all of your child’s belongings.
    • Strapless clothing, mini-skirts, two-piece swimsuits or t-shirts with large cut outs are not allowed.
    • All shorts must be a modest length (fingertip length) and we have a NO ROLL rule.
    • Check out this blog post by one of our camper parents on packing.
    Arrival & Departure

    Opening Day

    The best week ever starts before you even drive through the gates! Download the Bunk1 App and allow Sky Ranch Summer Camp notifications before you arrive.

    Sunday Arrival Schedule
    • 1:30pm-3:00 pm
      • Sky 1
      • Sky 2
      • Young Riders*
      • Sky Fillies* 
    • 3:00pm-4:00pm
      • Sky 3
      • Sky 4
      • Morph
    • 4:00-5:30pm
      • Quest Van
      • Quest Colorado
      • Sigma Junior
      • Sigma Senior

    *For Young Riders and Sky Fillies: If you are bringing a horse, Sky Ranch Staff will be at the Arena to assist you. Once you have your horse settled, you will proceed to check-in on camp!


    Upon arrival, Sky Ranch staff guide you through camper drop-off. This will include:

    • A Health Check and questionnaire before entering camp.
    • Taking your camper to their cabin.
    • Providing your driver’s license; it is REQUIRED for camper check-in.
    • A lice check is required for every camper. See our policy.
    • Dropping off meds and mail.
    • Finalizing any registration details with Guest Services.
    • Visiting the Corner Store.


    Google Maps


    Saturday Pick-Up

    What will this year look like?
    • When you arrive, you will be directed where to go to pick up your camper, their luggage, and any medications you may have dropped off for their time at camp.
    • Don’t forget to bring your Photo ID or Camper Release Card. It’s REQUIRED to pick up your camper.
    • You will have an opportunity to sign up your camper for next summer, if you didn't Quick Enroll. The perks: a guaranteed spot, discount, and limited edition t-shirt!
    • After we check your ID or Camper Release Card, we'll give you a ride to the location of your camper where you, your camper, and their counselor will have a few moments to talk about the week! 
    • Once you've said "See ya later," don't forget to stop in the store, make any final purchases, and turn in your pre-reg form!
    Camper Pick-Up Schedule
    • 8:00 am - Sky 1 and Sky 2
    • 9:30 am - Young Riders and Sky Fillies Rodeo Exhibition
    • 9:30 am - Sky 3, Sky 4, Morph, and Quest
    Is your camper coming two weeks in a row?

    Please note, we will not be offering Weekend Camp for multi-week campers this summer. We ask that your camper is picked up at the scheduled time on Saturday and we’ll looking forward to welcoming them back Sunday. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to provide Weekend Camp again in 2022.


    Camper Check-Out Policy

    Campers will not be released to an individual for any reason without following the check-out process.

    1. Show your driver’s license or camper release card to their counselor.
    2. Sign the camper check-out form.
    3. Turn in your pre-reg form if you haven’t already.
    4. Get your camper!

    Important Info: You may authorize additional people to pick up your camper in your online account under Additional Questions prior to camp. We cannot release a camper to anyone who is not on this list.

    Night Events

    What is a night event and what does that mean for packing?

    Make sure to watch the video to learn what night events are and see examples of costumes! Each week starts with opening show and ends with campfire. Mixed in between are creative themed nights.


    Select your camper’s program:

    Becuase the weather determines which night events we do each day, we recommend labeling clothing by night event title so your camper knows which outfit is for which event!

    Camper Mail & Care Packages

    Mail from friends and family is one of the highlights of camp! Here’s everything you need to know!

    The DIY Method

    • Delivery
      • We deliver packages on Tuesday and Thursday. Limit 1 package per camper on each of these days.
      • We will not be receiving packages sent through UPS, FedEx, or USPS.
      • We deliver any number of letters in flat envelopes with letters every day, so feel free to write a few kind words for your camper and let us know which day to deliver it!
    • What goes inside a package?
      • Snacks, a journal, small trinkets or games, or just a sweet note. Food must be sealed. Please do not send gum! For the safety of all campers and staff, do not include snacks with common airborne allergies such as peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, etc.
    • Labeling
      • Your package or letter needs 3 things: Camper’s Name, Cabin Number, and Day of Delivery. (Mon - Friday for letters. Tues or Thurs for packages)
    • Drop-off
      • On Sunday, drop off your letters and packages at the White Tent in the parking lot when you arrive.


    The Kick-back and Relax Method

    We offer amazing pre-made care packages (SkyPacks) that can be purchased through your online account (select Pre-Orders) and delivered every day. The Corner Store will also be open in the Legacy Center on Sunday for you to make purchases to send to your camper during the week!

    Health & Wellness

    While we recognize that trips to the health center are not completely unavoidable, we work diligently to minimize any time spent away from camp activities. This means that we take a proactive, holistic approach to caring for your camper. Ways that we do this include, but are not limited to, focusing on the importance of:

    • handwashing
    • bug spray
    • sunscreen
    • hydration
    • rest

    Our health centers are staffed by licensed health professionals as well as health care assistants. A physician acts as the medical director of each site, providing yearly review of our policies and treatment protocols.


    Health Tips for Camp Prep

    A healthy camp starts at home! As you prepare to send your child to camp, here are some ways that you can ensure they have a wonderful experience:

    • Prevent the spread of illness:
      • If your child shows signs of illness, please keep them home. This greatly reduces the spread of illness at camp.
      • Teach your child to sneeze in his/her sleeve and to wash hands often at home and at camp.
    • Staying Hydrated: Send a reusable water bottle so it can be refilled frequently during the week
    • We have a strict lice policy
      • For the safety, health and comfort of all campers, no child with untreated lice (bugs) or lice eggs (nits) on their person or belongings will be admitted to camp.
      • Each child will be checked for lice/nits upon arrival to camp. If lice/nits are present, they must be treated prior to admittance to camp. Parents are responsible for treatment of both their camper’s belongings and camper’s head when lice and or nits are found at camper check-in.
      • Please check your child 48 hours prior to arriving at camp (Click here for more information).
      • In order to properly perform a lice/nit check, ponytails must be removed prior to check. We will do our best to do lice checks around braids but any signs of lice or nits will require that braids be taken out. In the event that lice/nits are found, you may choose to have your child treated by a lice treatment company at the Van location for an additional fee.



    Commonly Used Medications 

    Each location stocks commonly used medications, such as tylenol, for as-needed use.

    Bringing Medications

    If your child takes medication on a regular basis, the medication will be stored in our health center and dispensed by a licensed health professional. All medications (both prescription and over-the counter) must be checked in when you drop off your camper.

    To help expedite your check-in process on Sunday, please follow the instructions below:

    • Original packaging required for all medications
      • Both prescription and over-the-counter medications are required to be in the original packaging and contain only the medication identified on the container.
      • Do not put medications in pill containers.
    • Legible prescription label
      • If your child requires a prescription medication, the prescription label must be legible with the camper’s name on it.
      • Do not use old bottles or those belonging to another family member as they will not be administered per state law.
      • Prescription label instructions will be followed. If your child’s doctor has recently changed the timing or frequency of the medication, make sure the prescription label is up to date.
    • Non-FDA approved medications need an order by a licensed provider
      • Non-FDA approved medications include most vitamins, oils, and dietary supplements and will only be accepted and administered to your camper if accompanied by an order that is signed by a licensed provider (MD, DO, NP or PA).
      • This order must instruct us on when and how much to give. This is to ensure the safety of your camper and to comply with the Nurse Practice Act.
    • Check the expiration date: Expired medication will not be administered per state law.
    • Rescue Inhalers and EpiPens
      • The ONLY medications that are permitted to be kept with the counselors are RESCUE inhalers (along with spacer) and EpiPens. These are the only medications that our counselors are trained to administer. Campers are not allowed to keep rescue medications themselves for safety reasons.
      • A counselor that has your child’s rescue medication will be with your child at all times. The counselors are allowed to keep glucometers.
      • If you have any questions, please contact our Healthcare Director prior to camp.
    • Picking up medication:
      • All medications can be picked up by parents on the last day of camp.
      • Medications that are not picked up will be disposed of so please be sure to stop by our medication return table.
      • If your child has a rescue medication kept by the counselor (EpiPen or rescue inhaler), it is your responsibility to obtain these from your child’s counselor when you pick up your child from camp.

    To serve your family with excellence, we follow the regulations for Colorado and Texas Youth Camps and subscribe to the American Camp Association standards.


    Special Dietary Requirements

    We will gladly work with you regarding special dietary restrictions and food allergies. When completing online registration for camp, please complete the portion related to food allergies and dietary requirements. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact our food service department directly by emailing



    Telemedicine is a means to deliver timely, quality healthcare to our campers and staff during summer camp.

    • Available for overnight campers in Van, Texas.
    • No need to leave camp - your child can see a licensed provider to be treated for minor illness like sore throat, cough, congestion, pink eye, or ear infections.
    • The parent is contacted for consent if a camper shows signs of an illness appropriate to treat via telemedicine after being evaluated by a registered nurse.
    • A parent can join the telemedicine visit via their phone, tablet, or computer.
    • If a prescription is required to treat your child, the local pharmacy will deliver the prescription directly to Sky Ranch.
    • Telemedicine allows your child to feel better faster and get back to camp activities sooner.
    • The price of a telemedicine session is $50 and is billed directly to the card on file.


    Watch Video



    Mitigating the spread of COVID-19

    We follow CDC and state guidelines and recommendations for the operation of summer camps.

    Learn More


    Bed Bug Prevention

    Bed bugs have become more common in the United States and worldwide over the past few years. Sky Ranch takes several precautions to ensure facilities are free of these pests, but as with all hospitality businesses we have no control over the potential of guests bringing in bed bugs.

    More Information

    Daily Schedule

    Each day is jam packed with activities and fun and food and night events and rest!

    Sky 1, 2, & Young Riders:
    • Rise and shine around 7am
    • Go to bed around 10pm after their awesome night event


    Sky 3, 4, & Sky Fillies
    • Wake up around 7:30am
    • Go to bed by 11pm after their night event


    Morph & Quest
    • Wake up arount 8am
    • Go to bed by 11:30pm
    Sky Fillies
    • Wake up around 7am
    • Go to bed by 11pm after their night event

    Camper Photos & Parent Emails

    Photos - See camp in action!
    • You can expect to see a handful of fun pictures of your camper participating in activities and posing with their cabin throughout the week. The goal is to capture one to two photos of each camper, each day.
    • Pictures are uploaded daily to the Bunk1 App for you to view, purchase, and share.
    • We do not post pictures of Friday evening activities.
    • Due to the nature of the schedule, we do not take pictures of reserved activities like paintball and horsemanship.

    In the Bunk1 App, you will also have the opportunity to use Credits to send your camper a letter during the week. Update them on what's happening at home, their favorite sport's team, or a funny thing the dog did! We'll print it out and give it to them. Letters are printed at 10:00 am each day, so be sure to submit it through the app before then!


    To view photos and send your camper emails while they are at camp, download the Bunk1 App and log in using your Sky Ranch account information.

    Bunk1 Information

    Roommate Requests

    • Campers may request up to three roommates through their online account.
    • We cannot accommodate groups larger than four.
    • When making a request, an email with instructions will be sent to the other camper. Please note: only one should make the request and the other should accept.
    • All requests must have an 'Accepted' status at least 14 days before arrival.

    Store Account AKA Ranch Bank

    Each camper will be given a wristband that is linked to their Store Account (Ranch Bank). We do not allow campers to carry cash on camp, so they use their Ranch Bank to purchase snacks, souvenirs, gifts, books, apparel, and much more.

    We recommend depositing $65 for each week of camp. This can be done at any time through your online account by selecting Store Account from your camper’s itinerary. Unused Ranch Bank funds can be donated to the Sky Ranch Scholarships Program. If not selected as a donation, any amount over $5 will be refunded two weeks after their session of camp.

    Lost & Found

    Please label everything belonging to your camper prior to their arrival. We will attempt to return everything labeled to your camper prior to their departure. Anything unlabeled will be available at the Lost & Found table on Saturday. After camp, we will be keeping items for 2 weeks. If your camper has lost something, please email with a detailed description of the item. After two weeks, all unclaimed items will be donated to charity. Sky Ranch cannot be responsible for lost or broken items.