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The Fellowship

Our one-year program refining future leaders

Who you are today is not who you want to be tomorrow.


You are here right now because you want something more than just an internship. You want to be a part of something that will refine you for the next steps in life. The Fellowship is designed to take place during this time of transition. It is the ideal time to gain experience in a real, hard-working job, and also invest in becoming who God calls you to be. 

The Fellowship Program


The Fellowship is a year-long camp internship designed to refine the lives of recently graduated college students to look more like Christ. 

You will have the opportunity to:

Develop a deeper understanding of applying biblical truths
Successfully work with different people and situations
Gain a better awareness of yourself
Develop the foundation for being an exceptional employee
Create lasting friendships
Be a part of something bigger than yourself

All of this takes place in an environment of forgiveness, grace, encouragement, and challenge.

How it works

The Four Pillars for The Fellowship are an intentional guide to creating an experience and environment for refining future leaders.


Work Experience

Develop a vast amount of knowledge in a variety of areas and learn to work hard.

The goals: 
- Developing a strong mental and physical work
- Build-up resume-worthy work experience

The how: 
- Serve on weekends and during the week with the
  Retreats and School Programs departments
- Daily work with various departments
- Seasonal tasks with Summer Camp, Marketing,
  and Development

Biblical Community

Fellows practice living Christ-centered fellowship by working and living in close quarters each day.

The goals: 
- Develop healthy Biblical community
- Emphasize each person's need to become a
  contributing participant in the lives of
  those around them

The how: 
- Live on camp together and share gender-specific
- Biweekly Community Nights and /or Family

Spiritual Formation

As believers, each day of our life is the proving ground of what we believe about the truth of the Gospel.

The goals: 
- Deepening our obedience to Christ
- Develop a better understanding of God's Word
  and how to rightly apply it
- Engage in Spiritual disciplines that further refine
   us as followers of Christ

The how: 
- Weekly Biblical Survey Classes
- Assigned mentors to teach Biblical truths and give
  wise counsel
- Monthly challenges based on spiritual disciplines

Servant Leadership

Fellows learn to lead by becoming servants first.

The goals: 
- Develop leadership skills
- Embrace a mentality of others focused
- Be ready and willing to rise to any occasion

The how: 
- Given increasing levels of responsibility and
  difficulty throughout the year
- Lead peers through coordination
- Daily opportunities to serve one another
  and other departments

I know we said it's just a year...but it's more than a year

The Fellowship isn't just about growing during a one-year experience. It's about equipping you with the tools and template to a lifestyle that promotes lifelong growth and Biblical community.

The Fellowship Blog

Read about the Fellowship from the stories of those who have come before you.

If there is ever a time in your life to set the foundation for lifelong growth, it is now.


The Fellowship runs at our Van, TX location and at our Horn Creek location in Colorado. 

Selection Process

Beginning in September, we will start the process of hiring for the coming Fellowship year, which begins the following August. We will hire 14 college graduates for our Van, TX location and 14 college graduates for our Horn Creek, CO location. Prior Sky Ranch experience is not required to be considered for the Fellowship Program.


The Fellowship begins in Mid-August and finishes after the last weekend of August the following year. The program is 54 weeks in length and overlaps with the incoming group to help with transition.


The Fellowship is a salaried position with standard health benefits from Sky Ranch as well as paid time off (PTO). On-site housing and food through our dining services are also provided.

Bible Classes

Fellows will participate in two Bible classes. These include Old Testament Survey, and New Testament Survey. Anticipate additional reading and classwork as a part of this experience. If you are accepted into the Master’s Program, these will fulfill your prerequisite requirements for entrance into a Dallas Baptist University Master’s Degree plan.

Additional Program Details

The Fellowship also consists of off-site experiences, required readings and journaling, moments of reflection, and opportunities to sit down with leaders at Sky Ranch and in our local community. We live with the idea of always being ready to ask great questions of great people as we seek out wisdom from those around us. We will do this throughout the program while taking time to reflect on what this looks like in our personal lives.

Master's Program

Each year the Master’s Program accepts 10 candidates into its 21-month camp training program to serve in the Sky Ranch School Programs department at our Van, TX site. During this program, participants will have the opportunity to earn their fully-funded Master’s degree from Dallas Baptist University. All interested Fellows have the opportunity to be considered for acceptance into this program before outside candidates are considered.

Learn more about Master's Program

Located just 90 miles east of Dallas.
Horn Creek
Located the eastern slope of the wondrous Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range near Westcliffe, CO.