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Why SKY - Kimmy Winter

Our family had a heavy year with several health scares which ultimately resulted in open heart surgery this Spring for my healthy barely 40 year old husband. Several complications followed his surgery which really opened our eyes to just how precious this life is. Our world was turned upside down, our priorities shifted, life changed, WE changed! 

We are a family that plans and budgets for vacations...The Lord knew better-HE knew just what we needed. No more than 2 weeks before session 6 of family camp at horn creek was to begin, we received an invitation to join our neighbors at their favorite family getaway- Sky Ranch Family Camp in Colorado! THIS was just what we needed.

After a difficult year, the idea of this sweet, intentional, family and faith based time together sounded like a dream come true. We rallied and we pulled off this last minute trip and it turned out to be the sweetest family vacation we have ever taken with our boys.  We will never forget our family devotional time and group worship in the middle of Majestic mountains.

We loved our sit down meals together with service better than a 5 star restaurant-seriously! And even waking up in our cabin to the chatter of 3 little boys filled with excitement of another day and anxious to go get out in the mountain air and dirt .

We loved every second of our time at family camp and we can’t wait to go back next year.  This is a new Winter Family tradition. Our family made memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. Sky Ranch Family Camp was just what our family needed! 

- Kimmy Winter