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Why SKY - Deborah Walsh Dobbs, M.A.

7th grade was my daughter Faith's first year in middle school, and it was a rough one.

On top of the usual adolescent stressors, as a biracial person she dealt with unique race-related struggles she had not experienced in elementary school. I witnessed her confidence and self image decline, and she began to question her relationship with God.

I made the decision to turn her summer into one that might renew her spirit and boost her confidence. Mom's intuition pointed me to horses. I wanted Faith to learn to ride, and I also wanted her to spend as much time as possible in as many loving Christian environments as possible. I found both opportunities at Sky Ranch.

I can't describe how our hearts soared when we watched her barrel race on the last day of camp. And it got better from there. She shared her excitement about expanding her circle of friends. She also formed an exceptionally strong bond with one counselor in particular.

Faith was able to ask her questions about scriptures, and with her support and support from other counselors, Faith was able to dig deeper into scripture and strengthen her faith.

Her Sky Ranch experience helped her finish her summer feeling renewed spiritually and more confident going into 8th grade.

~ Deborah Walsh Dobbs, M.A.