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The Secret Place

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1

Some translations include, dwelling in the shelter (NIV),living in the shelter (NLT), sitting down in the High God’s presence (MSG). He who dwells, lives or sits here, abides, rests, finds rest, or spends the night.  Take a look at all of these versions and see the connection of the promise.

Moms, are you tired and anxious? Are you children tired and anxious? Show them the Secret Place. The Secret Place is where you sit and only God knows. It’s alone time with the Creator, the God of the Universe, the One who made you and your children. It’s His blog post, or prescription, or media post with the divine answer.

As you search to give your children the best education, food choices, activities, and every good thing available to us, don’t forget the Secret Place. As they find you hiding out in the Secret Place, they too will want to know more about the things that can only be found here.

Sky Ranch is a sort of Secret Place. For one entire week, your children are unplugged from the world. No scrolling, texting, posting, snapping, or chatting. Face to face fellowship time with other mentors and role models who have known the Secret Place and are living differently. As your children see this other world, they come home with a taste and a craving for this.

Moms, this Christmas season, think about giving this gift to your child, daily in your home, and for an entire week during the summer of 2020. Even better, sign up your family to know more of the Secret Place and look into family camp!

Check out the Horn Creek Family Camp page for more details!

~Terrie Chevaillier