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Summer 2020 - Lisa Hughes Tyson

“Hello Muddah. Hello Faddah.
Here I am here at Camp Granada.
Camp is very entertaining.
And they say we will have fun if it stops raining….”
(Allan Sherman 1963)
I have been sending at least one of my three kids to camp each summer for almost 20 years. This will be our 6th summer at Sky Ranch. Sadly, we only have 4 summers left until our youngest completes her Life Map in the Sigma Leadership Camp program. Knowing that our summers at Sky Ranch won’t last forever, I am super excited that we will not miss this summer due to the craziness going on in the world.

It’s true. Camp will “look” a little different this year. Even so, we never once considered keeping her home. Why? Because it really is all about HER. Her week-long slumber party with friends. Her opportunity to do things that she never gets to do at home. Her time to spend all of her money at the Café Sky eating completely amazing junk food.  Her privilege to dive into Scripture with fun young counselors who want nothing more than to point her to Jesus. It is her week.

Drop off will be different without going into the cabin. Honestly, we don’t really need to be there. There is a sign at one of the schools where I work that says, “Kiss them goodbye and let them go.” Same principle applies here. The longer the good-bye, the harder it is on some kids (and their parents). The sooner they “start camp”, the faster they get to the fun. And, everyone goes into the cabin on the same playing field: Independently—without mom and dad fussing over every detail.
So we won’t get to go in and make her bed. That is not a problem.  Every year we see parents making up a Pottery Barn worthy bunk.  No one needs all that! It is camp. Send a sheet, sleeping bag, blanket, and pillow—DONE. Simplify. Your child (and their counselor) will thank you.

I love the new care package guidelines with deliveries on Tuesday and Thursday of cardboard packages no larger than a shoebox. This takes so much pressure off of us! No over the top mail delivery extravaganzas filling oversize boxes with stuff they don’t need. Stuff that we will have to find a place for when they get home. Letters every day for the win!

How cool, that as they have been planning, camp staff has thought of every detail!? They are even providing buffs for each child to wear in the situations where social distancing may not be possible! I don’t have to find masks that she likes! I guarantee she will be happier to put on the buff the counselor gives her than anything I send from home. 
Bottom line: The things that make camp an amazing experience are not changing! There will be absolutely no shortage of fun and laughter. New friendships will form and Jesus will be glorified.  Everything else is just extra. This is why I love Sky Ranch. 
 ~Lisa Hughes Tyson