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A discipline that I practice often is praying Scripture.

I was praying Psalm 23 and God showed me something I've never really considered before. I love it when that happens! It says, "He restores my soul." My SOUL. It doesn't say He restores my finances, my weight, my parenting, my _______ (you fill in the blank). He restores the only thing about me that is eternal. He restores the part of me where He is. He sees the "stuff". He cares about the "stuff." But, He restores the part of me that is inextricably linked to Him.
It is that restoration that allows me to follow Him to the green pastures beside still waters. There are times that I linger together in these quiet places full of richness and refreshment. Here I can drink in His peace until I thirst no more. 
His restoration that helps me walk through the "valleys of shadows" and see "the rod and staff that comfort me." Valley places are real—and we are never there by accident. When we are walking with Him, the places he takes us are purposeful. For me, that is where the rod and staff come in. I usually fight Him when I see the valley coming. I want to run the other way when I sense danger. Danger doesn’t scare Him, though, His rod of protection is more than enough and the crook of His staff can reach me wherever I am and pull me close to His side. The shadows may seem dark in the moment. But where there are shadows, there has to be light. I have learned that I would rather be in a valley with Him than on a mountain top alone. 
His restoration of my soul allows me to sit at the table He prepares in the presence of my enemies. The mental picture I have painted in my mind for this is really cool. I imagine a battle—literally chaos everywhere. But in the middle of the mess, I imagine a beautifully set table for two. He doesn’t take me out of the fight, He sits down with me right in the middle of it WITH HIM at a table He prepared just for me. I am safe and satisfied at His table. My enemies can see me, but they cannot hurt me because He is there. 
His restoration allows me to be still long enough for Him to anoint my head with oil. I learned that a shepherd would anoint a sheep with oil to protect them from flies and other nastiness that could torment them. That oil of protection, while they probably squirmed the whole time, improved the quality of their life because they had a layer of protection from the shepherd they would not have otherwise. God wants to do this for me! I just have to let Him. 
His restoration of my soul allows me to fully experience His goodness and mercy that follow me every single day. My cup can overflow with good things that only He can give me. His pitcher never runs dry!  And, you don’t have a mess to clean up because of a spill. Every day, morning until night, the goodness and mercy flow freely resulting in a total covering of grace without end. 
Then one day, the restoration of my soul is complete as I enter eternity with Him. My soul, the only part of me that is eternal, is whole in His presence as my Shepherd and His Lamb welcome me into the glory of heaven.
Sweet mommas…wherever you are, whatever is broken, whatever needs to be restored, whatever is happening in your world right at this moment that makes you long for something more…seek that “soul restoration” that only comes with walking beside the Shepherd.