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Parents Night Out - Hannah Onley

Family Camp "Kids Night" or better known as "Parents Night Out"

One evening while at Family camp is designated as "Parents Night Out". Moms and Dads get the opportunity to go off camp to a restaurant of their choosing, or go on a hike, or wildlife hunt, or just have a picnic with an incredible Colorado mountain view.

Without fail, parents return to pick up their kiddos, with a look on their face that can only be described as: rested and with an undeniable spark of joy - for the past 3.5 hours they had been kid free! Part of our job as Family Camp Staff is dedicating a night to take kids off of their parents hands so they can spend quality time with each other away from camp, and be fully present with one another.

Week after week, I look forward to the giddy mom who will come up to tell me about where they went, what they ate or what they talked about. This ministry has found a simple yet beautiful way to bless hard working moms and dads, and I speak on behalf of all Family Camp staff and counselors when I say, we hope that many parents continue to get the simple joy of a date night wherever they call home!

- Hannah Onley
  Sky Ranch Family Camp Manager at The Lodge