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Let’s do this together - Tori Miller

Today as I ventured out for some essentials wearing a face mask for the first time-I was overwhelmed with two distinct thoughts about masks.  

• First thought: The mere fact that we are all wearing protective gear right now is hard enough as it is but-not seeing people’s smiles and in turn people not seeing me smile at them had me at a loss! How do I let people know they were seen by a simple smile? Like the sweet teenage boy stocking the shelves in the middle of the afternoon when he typically would be in school with his peers. Or the clerk behind the counter that normally we would share small talk- but now because of the masks and the plexiglass barrier installed at the check-out counter we can barely even hear one another.

We can’t hug! We can’t shake hands! We have to social distance 6 feet apart! And now with a mask we are unable to even exchange smiles!

So, YES- I will have to be intentional with my words to verbally speak louder and personally thank those around me for keeping the grocery stores running! And I think there is some truth that you can still smile with just your eyes. (Or in my case with just one eye)!

• Second thought: We all have possibly worn “masks” before when we were dealing with something hard …maybe a fear, loneliness, anxiety or depression. Let us use this COVID season to be honest in our relationships and “unmask” our fears to one another. The scriptures are full of references in dealing with one another truthfully. Zech. 8:16 instructs us to “speak the truth to each other.”  We need to tell our “people” when we need each other and verbally thank those around us! We are to “bear with each other” (Col. 3:13), encourage one another and build each other up” (1Thess. 5:11). Make that phone call, text that friend, or even send a sweet note to someone!

So YES- I will choose to be honest with my feelings which in turn will bring me peace and ultimately provide the blessing of deepening relationships with others!

 Let’s do this together… let’s support each other, smile with your eyes, thank those around us verbally, reach out if you need a listening ear and not hide behind a “mask” we might be enduring!

Tori Miller
Sky Ranch SkyMom Director