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Go to the Throne, not the Phone - Lisa Clark

Is prayer your first line of defense or your afterthought? I would encourage you today, moms, to start making prayer a priority as you raise your children.  If it’s not our first line of defense, we tend to put our faith and trust in people and things that will leave us defeated, broken-hearted, without clear vision and second guessing ourselves.

God’s word is our handbook to living the life He has called us to.  Not every answer for life is written in black and white, though.  Many of life’s questions need to be prayed through for biblical wisdom and direction from God.

If our prayer life is strong, we can navigate through life with confidence and clear direction.  I like to think of it as walking in the Spirit.  He’s holding our hand at every turn and fork in the road.  As we have an ongoing conversation with God, we get to know Him better and He becomes a part of our family, our life, our day.

It’s not just a prayer for our food, although that’s a great place to start.  Prayer is talking to God and never saying “good-bye”, but Amen! Or So be it! And then continuing the conversation later. 

Our prayer life is an indication of our spiritual maturity.  I always know when I’m weakening in my walk with God by how consistent my prayer life is.  It’s just like going days without talking to one of my children or husband.  If days go by, the relationship seems strained or not as important.  We put a priority on relationships that are important to us.  Plain and simple.

Here’s the best part about our relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  Every day is a new day to follow Him.  We are new creations! What does that mean? New is new.  We aren’t new one day and old the next.  Well, our physical bodies are, but our spiritual body is new everyday! That means our relationship with Him is constantly being renewed! Yea God!!! I get a fresh, new chance to grow in my relationship with Him everyday.

Start TODAY by making your prayer life your first line of defense.  Go to Him FIRST with requests, praises, and thanksgiving! Or like my sister always says, “Go to the THRONE, not the PHONE!”