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Forgiveness starts at home.  I need to forgive my hubby.  He needs to forgive me.  My kiddos need to forgive each other.   And so on.


It seems our enemy wants us to be divided and bitter.  Forgiveness changes everything.  I remember one day I was at my grandmother’s house and my sister and I were fighting.  I got mad and stormed off.  My grandmother sat me down and said, “Now, Lisa, who are YOU to be unforgiving? Jesus forgave you, didn’t He? Then you must forgive others.”  I’ve never forgotten that. 


Jesus set the bar. 


Having a heart of forgiveness brings joy, freedom and clarity.  We see life through the lens of love.  No harboring grudges or ill will.  We’re free!


Set the bar high in your homes.  Foster a heart of forgiveness.  Remember moms, you are the heartbeat of your home! 


With Love,

Lisa Clark