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Family Time 2: Exist

Pray and Share: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

As your family continues to search for truth, let’s take a closer look at God and the information that He shares about Himself. But first, do you know the answer to the chicken and egg question according to the Bible? In Genesis 1 the story of creation is explained and in Genesis 1:1 it says, “In the beginning God....” God existed first. He existed BEFORE the beginning. God existed, THEN He created all of creation. And in Genesis 1:20, God created the birds with the ability to fly and among them were the ancestors of the chicken. There we have it: the answer to the chicken puzzle. Since an egg can’t fly, God started with the chicken. God existed first. And the chicken existed before the egg. The Bible does not explain where God came from, but it does share some interesting things about God. In Exodus 3 at God’s request, Moses is leading a group of people, the Israelites, from one location to another, and Moses asks God what His name is so he can explain who sent him. God’s response is, “I AM that I AM” (Exodus 3:14 NET). His name translated means “I exist.” In this passage, the main thing God wants to relay to you, me and all people is that He exists.

Even before the mountains came into existence, or you brought the world into being, you were the eternal God. Psalm 90:2 NET

This explains that before the world was brought into being or mountains existed...God already existed. The word “eternal” means there is no beginning and no ending. I know. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? In our limited understanding of a world limited by time, it is hard to understand that God has always existed and always will exist. He doesn’t begin or end. This is where faith comes in. In faith, we have to take God at His Word. God said to Job in another passage:

Where were you when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding. Job 38:4 ESV

God explains that He was there at creation and we were not. God gives a logical answer to where all things come from. It is from Him. He existed first.

Wrap it up: In order to find truth, it is important to believe the originator of truth, God. It is important to believe that He exists and that He and His truth are worth searching for. What is your belief? If God exists, does truth exist? How would you define truth?

Closing Prayer: Pray for God to help you accept that God exists.  

Excerpt from the Sky Ranch Family Devotional - Boom Town, Written by Stacy A. Davis and Taylor A. Davis © 2017 Stacy A. Davis, Inc. and Taylor A. Davis All rights reserved. For more Sky Ranch Family Devotionals and information on the author, visit