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Bedtime Prayers

Now, I lay me down to sleep…

Bedtime. The time we set aside for chats, prayers and plans.

Bedtime prayers take our focus off self and onto God, our Creator. At the end of the day, we get to talk to Him in prayer and praise Him, thank Him, acknowledge where we've fallen short and make our needs known. It's a time of worship. 

My hubby most always tucked our girls in at night when they were young. It was their time. He would always ask them questions about their day including the classic, "Who did you sit by at lunch today?" After prayers, he would sing a hymn. In The Garden was his favorite. (Incidentally, both girls had it played before he walked them down the aisle on their wedding day.)

As our girls grew older, bedtime was a time for us to chat about life and dreams. Many tears were shed when life was hard. Uncontrollable laughs could also be heard throughout the house during bedtime rituals. I never quite knew what to expect...with girls. 
What I do know now is that these routines helped us. Knowing that each night we would spend time in prayer to our Heavenly Father helped us make it through the day and keep us close to Him. 

Prayers, hymns, laughs and tears. The good stuff.