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19 things to be GRATEFUL for during this crazy time - Christy Hedgecock

It's s so easy to think of all the things we can’t do, but let’s focus on some good.

19 things to be GRATEFUL for during this crazy time:

1. Time at home, we are always so busy. Most days and nights we always seem to be somewhere else.

2. Not opening our calendars!!! Even though it’s sad so many things have been cancelled it’s been great not living life one appointment to the next.

3. Home Cooked Meals. How many of us have cooked this much ever??? I have loved letting my kids help me cook and make more things from scratch.

4. Money saved. I think with so much time spent at our dining room table we have had to have saved some money.

5. The previous one leads to this, time spent at the dinner table. Conversations being had, not having to rush dinner to get to the next activity.

6. Naps. Even if it’s the adult who needs it, I bet there are a lot more naps occurring. 

7. Time spent outside. It’s so nice to be able to go and play whenever we want outside. My kids get home normally around 4:30, we have to rush to get dinner and then do something. Now, I say just go play!

8. Exercise. I wish they would do some study to show how much more people are walking and running. I have never seen this many people exercising.

9. Being able to teach our kids. I know this is hard for most of us, but we get to be that person they turn to. We might want to pull our hair out, but we still get to be that person.

10. Art and being creative. I have seen so many people via social media doing art with their kids. So many schools have to cut art, so how fun we can do this with our kids. 

11. We get to teach them things that don’t involve the books like laundry, cleaning, etc. I know of someone who is even teaching his son woodworking.

12. Games. We have to find something else to do, we might as well play some of the games we have in our closets. 

13. Time spent with spouses. How many more talks have we been able to have face to face with our mates, instead of texts and phone calls.

14. People’s generosity. I have seen so many people offering up their services for free. So nice that an artist will do a free on-line art class or a personal trainer providing a free workout. 

15. Being a great neighbor. So many people are checking on the ones we live by. We might not have ever talked to someone in our cul-de-sac, but now we want to make sure they are ok. 

16. Community, but wait we don’t get to see anyone. I can’t believe the creative ways we have used the internet to talk to people, do class, have our Connect Groups. We were made for community and no virus can take that way.

17. Church. Who knew we’d be going to church in our living rooms. More people have viewed the sermons on our website more than ever before. Which leads me to the next. . .

18. We have a unique way to reach people for the cause of Christ. People are hurting. We have to use this awful thing to meet the needs of our community so they can have hope. 

19. And last, but not least we have memories. Our kids will remember this crazy time in our lives and hopefully it will be a memory of time they got to spend with their family instead of all the things they missed out on.

- Christy Hedgecock