Work Crew

“So the last will be first, and the first last.” (Matthew 20:16, ESV)

Work Crew is a volunteer discipleship program designed to create an environment for growth in Christ for a young man or woman through the experience of work and service. Participants must apply and interview to participate in the program due to the limited number of spots.

Sky Ranch is quickly becoming the camp of choice for teen development through discipleship programs like the Work Crew experience. This program is for graduating high school seniors who will spend five weeks at Sky Ranch Ute Trail in Colorado, working alongside program mentors. It is challenging work with the purpose of growing and being molded into servant-leaders. Our hope is that as they enter the next phase of life, participants will be better prepared as college freshmen to live out what they believe.

  • With the purpose of growing and being molded into servant-leaders, Work Crew serve in the kitchen, clean around camp and work on the camp grounds.
  • Participants spend time in discipleship with program mentors and living in community with the Ute Trail staff.
  • Work Crew is coached throughout by two handpicked, highly-qualified staff who lead them in accountability, while walking through the purpose-filled curriculum.
  • Curriculum includes reading through Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer and a Bible study over the book of James.
2022 Dates

First Half: June 4 - July 8
Second Half: July 9 - August 12


Ute Trail, CO

Life Map

Phase 3: Become

Sample Work Crew Info Packet
Ute Trail
Work Crew happens at Sky Ranch Ute Trail located near Lake City, Colorado.