Sky Ranch is all about the family, offering week long summer opportunities in Colorado, as well as weekend escapes in Texas during the school year.

Horn Creek Family Camp

Join other families for a week Family Camp - a time to refresh your spiritual walk and strengthen your relationships. Head to Sky Ranch Horn Creek, located at the base of Horn Peak in Colorado, this summer for a week that could change your family forever.

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Ute Trail Family Camp

Refresh your family's spiritual journey and strengthen relationships with something for every member of the family. Head to Sky Ranch Ute Trail, located in the San Juan range of the Rockies, this summer for a week that could change your family forever.

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Mother Daughter Weekend

This purposeful weekend is a chance for moms and daughters to laugh, listen, talk, and get away from things that normally distract both of you. Intentional moments of connection and play offer moms and daughters the chance to see that you share the same desires to enjoy life, have fun, and be loved.

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Father Son Weekend

The Heart of Warrior Weekend is about affirming connections between Father and Son. It’s purposefully designed to help each boy find the strength he needs to fight the good fight of becoming an honorable man.

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Mother Son Weekend

This weekend is a chance for moms to connect with their sons in an environment that includes more "doing" than "talking". Opportunities abound for sons to see their mother not only as ‘Mom’, but as a woman that has excellent insights and someone who will be their number one fan for life.

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Father Daughter Weekend

Father Daughter weekend is created to be a meaningful weekend between a father and his daughter(s). Full of relevant speakers, intentional moments, purposeful play, and fun – this weekend is sure to be a memory-maker and a blessing to both a daddy and his girl.

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Family Camp Weekend is a time to get away with your family. Relax, rejuvenate, remember why you love each other, and recognize the value of time spent together.

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The primary mission of SkyMoms Ministry is to build community with other camper moms facing the joys and challenges of raising Godly children.

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Something for Everyone

Experiences in beautiful, wholesome, and recreational environments which provide something for everyone.

Positive Dialogue

Strengthened family connections through intentional moments that generate positive dialogue between parents and kids.

Teachable Moments

Character development and values clarification in kids through engaging teachable moments in experiential environments with their parents.

Promote Lasting Faith

Effective strategies and practical applications that will help parents promote a lasting faith in their children.

Focus on Each Other

A time for everyone to slow down, gain perspective in the middle of the rush of life, and listen to what God is saying.

Family Programs Staff

Kyle Hess

Director of Family Ministries

Kyle grew up in Norman, Oklahoma with a family that valued the importance of faith and family. In the summer of 2007, Kyle fell in love with Sky Ranch working as a counselor in Van, TX. After graduating, Kyle was hired full-time to assist in managing the Operations Assistant internship program. In 2010, Kyle married his beautiful bride Brittany and they moved to Colorado where Kyle managed Sky Ranch’s Family Camp at Ute Trail. Kyle now serves as the Family Ministries Director leading Family Camp at our two Colorado locations in the summers and coordinating Parent-Child Weekends on our Texas site during the school year. Kyle and Brittany love investing in families and have a heart for equipping parents to love and lead their families with God's design in mind. Kyle and Brittany live in Lindale, TX with their 4 sons.