An interactive journey back in time, our AMERICAN INDIANS course exposes students to the American Indian culture by hands-on learning and examination through the eyes of the early explorers. During the class, students will:

  • "Join" Rene-Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle as the first European explorers to enter East Texas.
  • "Meet" woodland and plains Indians and learn how they lived before the influence of European culture.
  • Compare and contrast the structure of a tipi and a wigwam.
  • Taste samples of foods eaten by many American Indian tribes.
  • Learn to hunt with a bow and arrow.
  • Hold tools crafted with bone, stone, and sinew.
  • Make a bead bracelet and learn how paints were developed and used.
  • Experience a Pow Wow and receive an individual tribal name.
  • Observe a native winter count and learn how to create their own.
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