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What is the Fellowship? -Jonathan Cox

What is The Fellowship?    

What is the fellowship? Many people outside the fellowship have asked me “what do I do at Sky Ranch’s program called the fellowship?” I have pondered an appropriate answer to this very loaded question. After much thought, the best response I have to “what is the fellowship” is that the fellowship is hard. It’s so hard, it’s even hard to explain to its fullness to properly give it’s due. Over the thanksgiving break, a friend of mine, who is in the forge at Pine Cove, came over to visit. My mother asked him, “so how’s the forge? What is it?” His response was absolutely perfect. He said, “umm… it’s like… it’s… it’s just hard, but in a very rewarding way.” Although the forge and the fellowship are two different programs run by different camps, they do have similar qualities. Before you go on to reading this blog, know that this is not a blog comparing the two programs, but a blog about what the fellowship is to me.

The fellowship is hard. Just because something is hard though does not necessarily mean it’s a negative thing. In fact, I believe the best things in life requires hard work to accomplish. For example, I am engaged; which is challenging in-of itself. Keeping and maintaining a great and lasting relationship takes hard work from both sides. Being a follower of Christ is also extremely challenging; however, the reward of everlasting life is the best gift given to man.     

The fellowship demands hours of hard work for five to six days of week with a below minimal wage salary, while also keeping your fellows accountable. This program we do though, has more benefits than any other job I could have taken. Yes, there have been moments I have struggled; there have even been moments where I have thought about leaving. But every time I turn to God in difficult times, he has directed me back to the fellowship, and revealed just how amazing this opportunity is.

Through it’s tough demands, the fellowship has taught me how to become humble. It is so easy to look at the fellowship through a selfish lens. It is easy to complain about the amount of work we must do. It is easy to complain about the paycheck, or lack thereof. It is easy to do half the work and let someone else do the rest. It is easy to get frustrated at someone else. But the fellowship was not designed to be easy. It is meant to be challenging for the greater good. It is easy to look at a piece of trash and to simply walk past it as if you never saw it. But who’s to say I am too worthy for that trash to be picked up by my hands and take ten steps towards the trash can? It is easy to want gratification for picking a good amount of trash up. But what’s the gain? A simple high five? Or a “good job” and a slap on the shoulder? The gratification never seems to completely satisfy. When Jesus did His miracles, he did not gloat. Nor did He seek the approval of man. Jesus did those things because He loved us. The greatest miracle Jesus performed was enduring the painful sins of men and dying on the cross so that we may forever dwell with Him. The cross symbolizes how hard work with humility makes the glorification of God.

So, to answer your question of “what is the fellowship?” The best and shortest response I have for that question is, the fellowship is a year-long, challenging, self-revival. For the purpose of witnessing the glory of God.