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Unexpected Places- Lucas Scarborough

In His infinite wisdom, God situates us in places, sometimes expected, other times unexpected, with the intention of His glorification and our sanctification. In those places, we find ourselves learning new things, sometimes expected, other times unexpected, that grow us in a variety of ways. And in such growth, we find that God’s infinite wisdom is never suspect to the unexpected. We learn that God is well informed of what we need, regardless if we have such knowledge or not. I am quickly grasping this lesson and many more as I continue my life in the Legacy Fellowship program.

I would like to think that I’m well-aware of what I need to work on in my life. Whether it be pride, lust, lack of kindness, or any other weakness I possess, introspection has always helped me to identify and mold my character to form what I consider a better, godlier disciple of Christ. However, when we regard ourselves as the singular foreman in charge of chiseling away our faults, the statue we create is but a different form of the same figure. It is once again me, once again you, but not the image of Christ.

God establishes us in new places (like Sky Ranch) to show us that, as Christians, there can be no true new creation within ourselves apart from Christ! The community I have come to be a part of, has shown me that I simply cannot fashion my flaws how I see fit and expect to work well within God’s body. It is His “crown” molding I must be conformed to if I am to play my role well within His house of believers! 

Right here and now I find myself asking God “What is the position you are placing me in while I am in this place?” It’s a hard question for me because, in the past, either God has made this plain to me, or I wrongly assumed a role without ever entreating God. It is through this question, though, that God is growing me in a few ways. He has shown me His sovereignty, as I cannot answer the question correctly on my own. He is showing me His clarity, as I am slowly learning His answer over time. Finally, He will show me His faithfulness, as I know He did not place me at Sky Ranch in futility.

God, in His infinite wisdom, has placed you, just as He has placed me, exactly where we need to be. Let us not allow ourselves then to be so bold as to mold and place ourselves in ways and places that we think we need to be. Rather, let us continue to adhere to the faithful God who placed us where we are so that we may be chiseled and situated into the form and figure of Christ Himself.