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Thoughts on the Fellowship - Daniel Wade

Often lost in thought I seek places that allow for contemplation. I am thankful for Horn Creek because I have abundant opportunities to seek solitude. It is helpful for me to spend time by myself doing something active like hiking up in the National Forest. In those quiet moments by myself observing the gradient of textures in the forest and the snow covered landscape the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer comes in to focus. “Our Father who art in the heavens...” I am reminded that my God is a God who is nearby who is closer than I realize and understands my deepest longings and concerns about life. He knows me better than anyone ever will, for he formed me. He sees past my masks and seeks out the Daniel that He desires I be. He showed me mercy beyond understanding accomplished through the cross. When I meet with my creator an overwhelming sense of peace pervades. This is also where my analytical mind can rest. Not in a stupor as induced by opioids, but in a relationship with an all powerful, all knowing, ever present being who created me and has my best interest at heart. I know this because I have encountered the Son of Man, Jesus Christ who laid down His life as a willing offering to take my place in punishment for my rebellion from God.

Something that I have been struggling with is my weakness as a man to constantly do battle with sin. While on the other hand I would rather pridefully believe the story that I am strong and that sin does not need to be a struggle, that I should not put up a fight. I have been realizing that there will always be things that I struggle with though I would much rather do away with difficulties. Such as the difficulty of knowing that life moves quickly and often change is very overwhelming. This is a beautiful yet tragic universal truth. As soon as I get oriented to people and places something is changing or just plain ending. This is why fellowship has become so important to my spiritual life. I need consistency and people who are there to encourage and sometimes rebuke me which fellowship offers. Spiritual fellowship with other followers of Jesus while we work is an even greater help and encouragement. Work is too often not connected to our spiritual lives which is a great weakness in the Church. The nature of the work does not matter as long as we are working for the one who made us and called work good. It is a tangible way we can trust God everyday to provide for our needs, humble us and sanctify our spirits. When I feel worn down by work and feel temptation to sin in word or action this is an opportunity to fall into God’s hands for strength to not merely endure hardships of life but embrace the struggle and find joy as life moves swiftly along.