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The Mountains are Calling - Mary Hicks

“Would you want to move to Colorado for a year? Let me know what you decide in twenty-four hours.” Who knew this crazy question would alter my life.

I am typically someone who when faced with an important decision makes pro/con charts, asks for advice from multiple people, and is very indecisive, but not this time. I remember hanging up the phone, screaming with my roommates in excitement, and calling my parents to make sure my car would make it in a road trip across the country. This once in a lifetime random opportunity had answered my frantic prayers of ‘what am I supposed to do after graduation?’ I knew I would be leaving everything I knew and loved behind in Texas, but for some reason this didn’t scare me at all. Graduation was a surprise for me as I graduated a year early and every job opportunity I thought I had was taken away abruptly.

In a season of constant prayer for a job, I was asking God to give me a place that I could fully invest in a community, find a loving church, grow spiritually, and use my passions for Him. Man, did God deliver! Fellows at Horn Creek live with other fellows and and work hand in hand with almost every other staff member every day. We get a lot of learn-by-doing training. Because our programs are so mingled, fellows get the joy of mentoring younger staff while also being mentored by camp staff. In addition, we have family groups from the local church who love us well and help us feel connected to the body of believers in Westcliffe. God answered each of my prayers just in the job description! One of my biggest passions is camp ministry, so working day in and day out at camp has been a dream come true. An added perk of living in Colorado, outside of the job and our camp family, there are a bunch of places to explore. God knew that I had a yearning to see the world and experience new things, and this state is full of abundant beauty and exploration.

I do not believe I ended up at Horn Creek by accident; this was God’s response to trust. Coming in, my expectations were wrecked and so many unanticipated hardships and joys occurred. What was unexpected by us, God knew was going to happen even before we were born. He planned this year from who would be on property at the same time, to what we needed to learn while being here, to which retreat groups we needed to interact with. In no way has this year been perfect, but it was God’s perfect directing of my life that led me on a great adventure with Him. Because of this year, the unknown no longer scares me. I can trust Him fully because He knows what is to come and He is orchestrating it all together for me. I know because I saw Him do it countless times this year, so whatever else will come will be great because He planned it.


- Mary Hicks