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The Best is Yet to Come – Sydney Hoffman

Earlier in the fall I found myself struggling with comparison and discontentment. I felt trapped in the distraction of the future, always looking to preparing for the “next thing” instead of finding rest and contentment where I was in the present. It was absolutely shocking to me that I was struggling with that, because when I examined my life it could not have been more perfect. I had graduated college, I had the job I had dreamed of for years (and yes, I’m talking about the Fellowship), I got to live and work with some incredible humans that I admired, I was in a long distance relationship with this incredible man (who is now my FIANCÉ), and my Father in Heaven was working in my life and it was so evident. For some reason my little sinful heart wasn’t satisfied and it was frustrating. I couldn’t be happy with where I was and always felt like something was missing or that life really wouldn’t be perfect until this happened or that happened.

Thankfully, through the course of the past few months as I cried out to the Lord and to friends and mentors, all of that finally started falling away. I slowly but surely started to find myself able to crawl out of that tiny box of dissatisfaction that I had unknowingly climbed into. What a joy it is, brothers and sisters, to feel like I can finally breathe and rest and truly enjoy the immeasurable gifts the Father has given me in the here and now. That’s how the New Year started for me. But now, as we are 1 month into 2017, I’m finding myself looking to the future again, but this time it’s with a whole new perspective.

The other day I was drinking out of a mug that I received for Christmas that says “The Best is Yet to Come”, and I stared at it for a minute because a “motivational quote” like that wasn’t so motivating for a girl who fought so hard to love the moment she is in. The more I thought about it, however, I started to agree with it more and more. You see, looking forward to the future in anticipation, and even as far as taking steps to prepare for the future (i.e. praying about where to go, applying for jobs, and in my case even planning a wedding and a future with someone) isn’t wrong. In fact it’s wise. I, however, was focusing so much on the future that I was missing the splendor of the present. I still have so much to look forward to. Seeing how the Lord has worked in my life up to this point is incredible and I can only imagine what He will do during the rest of my lifetime.

So what does that make of my inspirational mug? Well, it means that the “best” that I’m looking towards is found in that day alone. The Bible says to not worry about tomorrow for today has enough worry of its own. It says that His mercies are new every morning. It also says to always be ready, to give and to sow everything the Lord has given to you for you don’t know the time that He will be coming back. There is wisdom in planning for the future, but what I’m learning how to do better every day is to pour my heart and soul into the day to day moments. Because tomorrow isn’t promised. I only have today. The Fellowship won’t last forever. My life won’t last forever. But if I remind myself that every day is new and a day for me to discover the best that the Lord has taught me and encouraged me and blessed me with, I think the fight for satisfaction in the life I’ve been given is gonna be a lot less of a fight. The reality being my heart will always be thirsty for something greater until Jesus comes back and the kingdom of heaven is restored. The Lord has SO MUCH to offer us and give us (literally the desires of our hearts like He is giving me in this season), and we would be fools to not consciously remind ourselves that THIS is the day that the Lord has made, so let us rejoice and be glad in it.