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Surrender Daily and be Willing to be Available - Emiliano Jimenez

Upon graduating from a small university in Lubbock, TX called Texas Tech, I quickly began to get asked “What’s next?”


At this point, I had been a believer for a little over a year and the Lord had done so much in my life. What I did not realize was how much I did not trust the Lord the moment I was asked that question. I continued to live in Lubbock, leading a Bible study for our college ministry, serving in kids ministry, just giving up my time in any way I could. I had made it my goal to surrender daily to the Lord, not just my struggles but even the things He blessed me with. I applied for multiple coaching jobs in the spring of 23, but the job I wanted was not there. Something about other jobs just did not seem right. For a while, I felt a tug in my heart to do ministry, but I had no idea what that looked like.

In March I received a DM on Instagram from a Summer Camp Manager. He began talking to me about this camp in East Texas called Sky Ranch. He mentioned a program called the Fellowship for recent college graduates. A program where you take a year to grow in your walk with the Lord along with other believers. It is a program where you learn about the Word, are discipled, and work for an organization that loves and shares Christ Jesus. I said sign me up!

Fast forward to August, I continued to carry the mentality of surrendering daily to the Lord’s will both spiritually and physically. I quickly figured out that surrendering was not enough, and that my heart posture was being tested. I was surrendering but with the wrong heart posture. Throughout the Fellowship, I sought opportunities to be available and helpful. I then realized that a heart that is not willing is not one that is available. There will be times when help will be needed and the opportunity is there for us to be available, the question is will we be willing to? There were times when I truly was not enjoying a job or task assigned to me and remembering the “why” as to me saying yes to The Fellowship. I wasn’t doing it for anything of this world but for our Lord Jesus Christ.

I had many opportunities to pour into my Fellow guys, to advise them, guide them, bear with one another, and intently pray for them. It took surrendering daily from earlier this last year before the Fellowship, to understand that it’s not about me, but about Him who created me. I had to be willing to be available. One cannot do life alone, we all want to be seen, known and loved, but this will not happen if we’re not willing to be available to in our community. Being present, rejoicing always, praying continuously, and being exactly who the Lord made me has been such a blessing. I thank the Fellowship for reminding me of many truths. It’s grown me in maturity and wisdom. It has refined me and given me a firm grip on the holy scriptures. The Fellowship has allowed me to see what kind of ministry I want to be involved with.