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Pack of Wolves - Patrick Reith

The Fellowship was a huge step into the unknown for me. Making the 20-something hour drive down from Indiana to East Texas was quite the suspense builder for how God was about to step in and change my life in a huge way. I show up to this camp that is out in the middle of nowhere and meet a ton of people (I mean a ton of people) and I have no idea what is going on. All I know is it started to really set in once all of the people started to clear out and I was left in a room with 13 other nervous faces.
I would describe myself as a skeptic. If you tell me something is true, that seems unlikely, I am going to figure out how to prove you wrong. It’s just how my brain works. So when all of these staff came in to tell us how the fourteen of us were going to have this “forced community” and become each others “people” for the year, I didn’t think much of it. I knew that this was going to be like every other season of my life. See, with moving around to various internships and places to live in college, I never really set roots anywhere. I loved being an unknown nomad and I was really good at it. I had no idea what was coming for me.
Over the months since that first day my lone-wolf attitude has been stripped away. A wolf by himself starts to realize that wolves are weak by themselves and, when the devil prowls around like a lion ready to attack, you’d better have a pack of wolves to help fight against him. Vulnerability and community were always on the back-burner for me until I really started to understand that idea. One wolf can’t beat a lion, but fourteen wolves filled with the Holy Spirit will rip it to shreds. So what have I learned in the fellowship? How to fight for community so that we can fight against evil and fight to get closer to a God who loves us.
- Patrick Reith