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Lingering on the Loveliness - Elena Cody

The word “sweet” seems to be my most consistent word when describing the Fellowship.


Picking wildflowers on walks with the girls. Sweet. Sharing my love of knitting with the girls. Sweet! Doing back-to-back Just Dance’s before bed. Sweet. Going on multiple road trips with the Fellows. So sweet!

Wholesome moments lived as a Fellow are what make this year so special. Baking bread has become a hobby of mine in the Fellowship. I expected to make perfect sourdough by my second or third loaf, yet after maybe thirty loaves I still haven’t mastered it. But what I didn’t expect was to have a heart filled with warmth as I’d pull a loaf out of the oven knowing all of us girls would be sitting around the dining table together indulging in fresh sourdough while giggling and storytelling. This absolute joy has turned to worship of our heavenly Father. My heart has grown to praise and thank the One who placed me in this program filled with such fruitful friendships that point me to look more like Christ. As I make bread for our home, I praise Him for this community that pours into each other so deeply. The sweetest thing I have seen this year is the joy of the Lord being our strength as we strive to walk in obedience. It is by the pure love that Christ perfectly displays that we are able to love His children by serving them. We experience the beauty of stepping into hard moments with friends and to serve with the love of Christ as we are commanded.  

I linger on the loveliness of sharing moments with the girls as we savor our time as Fellows. When I said yes to the Fellowship, I never could have imagined what an absolute answered prayer it would truly be. The desire to grow in discipline is something this community has strived for this year. It has been a gift to learn from those around me and to encourage others towards the pursual of advancement. Living in unity has allowed us to constantly build one another up by edifying and uplifting each other. It is so pleasant to dwell amongst the ones you are sharing such a unique season of life with, this year of refinement. As the Fellowship comes to a close, now when I pull out yet another ugly loaf of bread, it is a comical moment followed by sweet fellowship with the girls. My heart swells when thinking about my love for this past year.