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How to camp at Sky Ranch with Swag

So you’re coming to camp this summer? Good call. You’re getting ready to have the most fun week of your life! And now you have the opportunity to do it in style. Make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to enhance your Sky Ranch experience with a Sky Pack.

Here are the different packs that you can get:

Camp Ever Pack

Camp Ever Pack: $45

Verbiage that’s on website:
Allow us to take care of all your camper’s necessities you usually have to pack for camp. This pack is delivered to your camper on Monday.

Contents: Dry Bag, Towel, Pop-up, Frisbee, Water Bottle, Chapstick/Sunblock Combo, Goggles, Sunglasses, Poncho



Mission Impossible Pack

Mission Impossible Pack: $35
Delivered on Wednesday just before the MI game begins for Sky 3 & 4 campers.

Contents: Drawstring Bag, Boonie Hat, Camo Socks, Camo Flashlight, Eye Black, Face Paint



Guys Pack

Guys Pack: $35:

Delivered on Tuesdays.
Contents: Jersey Mesh Bag, Cooling Towel, Football, Basketball & Hoop, Hacky Sack, Sunglasses, Face Paint



Girls Pack

Girls Pack: $35
Delivered on Tuesdays.
Clear Bag, Coloring Book, Water Bottle, Hair Brush/Mirror Combo, Sunglasses, Lip Gloss Compact, Map Colors



Sigma Pack

Sigma Pack: $40

Available exclusively for Sigma campers. Delivered en route to Colorado.
Drawstring Bag, Hammock, KeyChain, Frisbee, Socks, Water Bottle



Quest Co. Packs

Quest Co. Packs: $40

Available exclusively for Quest Colorado campers. Delivered en route to Colorado.
Stadium chair, Frisbee, Water Bottle, Beanie, Socks, Keychain.



Launch Pack

Launch Pack: $35

This pack is delivered to your camper the first day of camp. Some items in pack may not be pictured.

Contents: Backpack, Sunglasses, Swell Bottle, Pop-up Frisbee, Led Watch,  Galaxy Cap, Popper Toy, Buff.



Snack Pack

Snack Pack: $20 Per Day

Sweet, Salty & Sour Pack – Delivered Monday, Wednesday, and/ or Friday.
Healthy Choice Pack – Delivered Tuesday and/ or Thursday.


Instructions on how to order your pack:

Log into your online Sky Ranch account, click view itineraries, select your child, click pre-orders, and finally click create new order. LOG IN HERE TO BUY A SKY PACK!

Prices include sales tax. Please place pre-orders no later than Sunday night of each camp session to ensure on-time delivery. Items within packs are subject to substitution based on availability. If you have any questions please call 800.962.22667