Here are some answers to your questions regarding what Sky Ranch is going to look like for Parent Child Weekends.


Will we have to be tested to attend a Parent Child Weekend?
No. All attendees will undergo a health screening that includes a temperature check upon arrival. If the temperature reads 100.0 or higher during the screening, or there are signs of Illness or possible COVID-19 exposure, you will not be allowed admittance. We will gladly reschedule your visit when possible or process a refund for the event.


Will families and staff be required to wear face coverings?
Face coverings will not be required but you are able to wear them if you prefer. They will be utilized by our staff when serving guests who are wearing masks.


What will our accommodations be like?
We will not be providing private accommodations for all of our Parent Child attendees.  If available, you can choose an upgraded private accommodation. Otherwise, you will be in an accommodation with other program guests.


What will meals be like? 
Our dining hall will be set up to accommodate multiple retreat groups sitting together but apart from other groups. Your family will sit within your same group or you have the option to sit as an individual family. We adhere to and/or exceed industry best practices for safety and cleanliness in our food handling areas.


Will there be a nurse on staff for the weekend?
Yes, we will have a nurse available during the retreat. A family camp staff member will perform daily health checks both mornings of the retreat.


What happens if we are potentially exposed to COVID-19 during the retreat?
If Sky Ranch is made aware of a positive case, we will notify anyone who was potentially exposed. Staff who had direct contact with the positive case will be quarantined if necessary and tested. We recommend following CDC guidelines for possible exposure.


What if I have more questions?
Please reach out and let us know how we can help you through this process. If you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to email