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Best (Day) Camp Ever!

For kids entering grades K-3, we provide an engaging day camp experience, partnering with you in an intentional plan for your child.

Crazy Fun

Powerful Purpose

Best Week Ever

Ready...Set...Launch into Camp!


We're bringing the intentional fun to you - inflatable ziplines, daily themes, relational staff, and bubbles like you've never seen bubbles. With locations throughout the DFW metroplex and East Texas, it's the perfect experience for kids not quite ready for overnight camp.


Various Northeast Texas Cities


Grades K-3

Based upon the grade they will be entering in the fall following the summer they attend



Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm

Best (Day) Camp Ever! 


Your kid will have so much fun, they won't even realize crucial development is taking place under the surface. We encourage: 

  • Practicing social and communication skills
  • Trying new things
  • Building trust
  • Learning who Jesus is

Campers come home exhausted and enthusiastic with so many stories to tell!

An incredible week of Sky Ranch Day Camp includes:

Crazy Fun Activities

We bring GIANT (that's what our campers think) inflatables - water slides, ziplines and more. On top of that, we have a ton of other games and activities designed specifically for Day Camp.

Relational Counselors

Your kids will spend every moment with our highly trained staff. In a secure and nurturing environment, our mentor-minded counselors model confidence rooted in the Gospel and encourage faith while playing hard.

Bible Study

Age appropriate curriculum guided by the intentional plan of the Life Map.

New Friends

Lots of playing and staying together means so many opportunities to make new friends and learn important social skills.

Themes Every Day

Every day is a totally new experience - the wackiest themes make for the craziest fun! Games, talks, mini-dance parties - all of it creates the most engaging five days of your child's summer.

Not your ordinary day camp


“We LOVE the Day Camps! Sky Ranch is our most favorite camp ever! Charlee will go to overnight camp for the first time this summer.”

We love the intentional plan that Sky Ranch has for each child to grow in their relationship with the Lord while having fun and making great friends and mentors at the same time!”



There's never a dull moment at Day Camp.

Bible Study

Sky Ranch’s biblically-based study curriculum answers one of the annually rotating worldview questions:

  • Who is real? (God is real)
  • Who is Jesus?
  • Who do you trust? (Scripture)
  • Who are you?

Each program will tackle these 4 questions from the Life Map meant to intentionally challenge and encourage our campers where they are at developmentally. By moving through them every four years, campers work through these questions in the different stages of childhood – developing and deepening in their understanding as they mature.

Skrazy 8

Test your agility and reflexes in this one-on-one Skrazy 8 race. Dodge, duck, crawl, climb, and slide your way to victory!

The Colosseum

Enter the Colosseum and enjoy jumping super high or just trying to stay standing. The games are endless in this epic inflatable of fun: basketball, tag, and more!


Ready, set, GO! It’s time to channel your inner penguin and Slip- N-Slide into the pool waiting for you at the end.

MEGA Waterslide

Come experience our MEGA Waterslide that has three lanes! See how may spins you can do before you reach the pool at the bottom.

Zipline Inflatable

Adventure awaits so get ready to glide through the air. Our zipline gives you a small taste of soaring through the sky while your friends cheer you on.

Theme Days

Each day of the week has an awesome theme that is packed with fun themed activities created with your camper's age in mind. Your camper is sure to have a blast! 


Grades K-3
Based upon the grade they will be entering in the fall following the summer they attend.

If you camper has a friend who is the same gender and grade, send them a roommate request and they can be in the same cabin for the week!


Monday - Friday
9am - 4pm

Parents are encouraged to attend a special closing ceremony on Fridays at 3:00pm.



$340 Per Camper

Choose Crazy Fun with a Powerful Purpose


Pick the location and session

2.Drop your camper off

From 9am to 4pm. 
We provide the best week of their summer.

3.See the shift

Watch your child go from overwhelmed & bored to energized and engaged. 

Feel Secure in Your Decision


We evaluate everything we do through the lens of safety. It isn’t just in the big things, but also in the small things. We are accredited by the American Camp Association, but more importantly, safety is a part of our culture.


Feeling safe frees up the space to have FUN - silly fun for our youngest campers in Texas, all the way to adventurous fun for teenagers in Colorado. Engaging counselors help turn every activity, night event, impromptu dance-off, and meal time into a fun experience that unites cabins together.



We know that when a camper feels secure and is having a blast it opens up the opportunity for them to ask questions and grow in their faith. The intentional plan of the Life Map is woven into camp in relevant, age-appropriate, and fun ways: Bible study, summer theme, and teachable moments with counselors.

Life Map

2024 Dates & Pricing

Kindergarten - Grade 1



Grade 2 -
Grade 3



Session 08
First Baptist Church, Celina

Jul 15-Jul 19

Session 08
Highland Park Presbyterian Church, Dallas

Jul 15-Jul 19

Session 08
Walnut Ridge Baptist Church, Mansfield

Jul 15-Jul 19

Session 08
One Community Church: Prosper

Jul 15-Jul 19

Session 09
First Baptist Church, Celina

Jul 22-Jul 26

Session 09
Frisco Bible Church, Frisco

Jul 22-Jul 26

Session 09
Argyle United Methodist Church, Argyle

Jul 22-Jul 26

Session 09
Redemption City Church, Fort Worth

Jul 22-Jul 26

Session 10
Bethel Bible South, Tyler

Jul 29-Aug 2