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Why Sky Ranch?

Impacting 58,000 guests each year, Sky Ranch offers an unparalleled array of programs, activities and experiences in a safe, positive and exciting environment.

With nearly 60 years of experience and 3 locations, our goal is the pursuit of excellence and we are dedicated to creating unique camp opportunities and promoting intentional, recreation-based learning and personal growth.

Our caring and carefully selected counselors encourage fun, purposeful interactions and provide an extraordinary and meaningful camp
experience that impacts lives forever.

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“Sky Ranch has helped my child find Christ in his life in a way I never imagined.”
Camper Family – Van, TX Site
“Best vacation our family has had! It has grown us in ways that never would have happened anywhere else.”
Sky Ranch Family – Ute Trail, CO Site
“We experienced extreme spiritual growth - milestones in our spiritual walk as a couple.”
Sky Ranch Family – Ute Trail, CO Site
“The facilities were even better than I'd hoped for... The staff was unbelievable. Friendly, accommodating and always looking for ways to enhance our experience.”
Coach – Cave Springs, OK Site
“My girls love Sky Ranch, the counselors and the faith training, teaching and encouragement! Thank you for being authentic.”
Camper Family – Van, TX Site

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