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Why Sky Ranch?

Impacting 58,000 guests each year, Sky Ranch offers an unparalleled array of programs, activities, and experiences in a safe, positive, and exciting environment.

With nearly 60 years of experience and three locations, our goal is the pursuit of excellence and we are dedicated to creating unique camp opportunities, promoting intentional, recreation-based learning, and personal growth.

Our caring and carefully selected counselors encourage fun, purposeful interactions and provide an extraordinary and meaningful camp
experience that impacts lives forever.

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“The camp inspired me to want to get to know Jesus better and to become a better woman of Christ.”
Summer Camper – Van, TX Site
“Not only is the staff friendly and easy to work with, but they were also there to help me plan and coordinate my retreat.”
Group Leader – Cave Springs, OK Site
“We experienced extreme spiritual growth - milestones in our spiritual walk as a couple.”
Sky Ranch Family – Ute Trail, CO Site
“Best vacation our family has had! It has grown us in ways that never would have happened anywhere else.”
Sky Ranch Family – Ute Trail, CO Site
“Over three years we have come, I have seen [my daughter] develop her identity in Christ.”
Parent/Child Retreat Guest – Van, TX Site

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  •     Howdy! My name is Michael Lawson. I’ve had the privilege of calling Sky Ranch my summer home since the summer of 2011. I was able to be a counselor for 2 summers and got the cool opportunity to …

  • Ann Voskamp in once wrote in her blog, “it was brave, the way the trees make dying look glorious” and it changed the way I looked at the East Texas scenery on the winding roads that lead to camp. As …

  • Hey there! It’s another fellow here writing to you about life and such as we continue to progress through this crazy thing we do called the Fellowship. What a not-even-half-year it’s been! Being a new year and all, I have …