• Explore the Summer Prep section. This is where you can find Theme Nights, Packing Lists, and more!
  • Log into your account at to:
    • Confirm your account is paid in full
    • Sign up for additional activities under Reservations
    • Complete your Health Form and sign Terms & Conditions
    • Confirm your Roommate Requests
      • All Requests must have an ACCEPTED status at least 14 days before arrival
      • Cannot accommodate groups larger than four
    • Pre-Order your awesome Camper Tee, Snack Packs, and SkyPacks
    • Add funds to your Store Card
    • Arrange for Airport Transportation, if needed
    • Multi-Week Camper? Add Laundry Service

2 Weeks Before Camp

  • Watch the mail for your cabin assignment letter
    • Reminder: You will not be able to receive your cabin assignment if your balance due is more than $100.
  • Be sure you have everything you need on the packing list
  • Prepare camper mail/care packages

1 Week Before Camp

  • Load up your gear for camp
  • Don't forget your night event clothes
  • Remember required camper medication must be in a labeled prescription bottle. Learn more about medication, lice protocol, and health policies here

Day of Camp

  • Fill out your luggage tags and attach them to your trunk/luggage
  • Decorate your car!
  • Bring your driver's license - it's required!
  • Don't forget your camper mail/care packages
  • Head to your favorite place on earth! View Map
  • Subscribe to the Parent Camp Podcast in iTunes or Google Play and listen to the first episode with your campers
  • Grab a cookie and watch us celebrate YOU!

During Camp

  • Send your camper emails and view photos from camp each day
  • Listen to the daily podcasts on Sky Ranch Parent Camp to learn more about what your camper is up to!
Important Information

Roommate Requests

Some campers enjoy coming to camp with a friend. Campers may request up to three roommates. Roommate Requests can be made in your online account up until two weeks before camp. When making a request, an email with instructions will be sent on your behalf to the other camper. Please note that both campers do not need to request each other, only one should make the request and the other accept. There is a limit of four campers in a Roommate Request group. This limit was created by our Summer Camp Leadership Team, as they have found that larger groups of campers are far less likely to individually connect with their amazing counselors and other campers. We cannot accommodate groups larger than four. All requests must have an ACCEPTED status at least 14 days before arrival.

Store Account/Ranch Bank

Each camper will be given a wristband that is attached to their Store Account, what we call Ranch Bank. This account is set up to manage camper’s spending money. Because campers cannot carry cash on camp, we ask that parents put funds on their Ranch Bank to purchase snacks, souvenirs, gifts, books, apparel, toiletries, and much more. We recommend depositing $65 for each week of camp. This can be done at any time through your online account by selecting Store Account from your camper’s itinerary. Unused Ranch Bank funds can be donated to the Sky Ranch Scholarships Program. If not selected as a donation, any amount over $5 will be refunded approximately two weeks after camp ends in the form it was received.

Airport Transportation

Transportation is available for campers flying in to DFW Airport, Dallas Love Field and Tyler Pounds. The cost for transportation is $130 each way per family. We ask that you please book your flights to accommodate the transportation schedule below:

  • DFW: Sunday 11:00AM – 2:00PM
  • Love Field: Sunday 2:00PM – 4:00PM
  • Tyler Pounds: Sunday 11:00AM – 2:00PM


  • DFW or Love Field: Saturday 10:00AM – 12:00PM
  • Tyler Pounds: Saturday 10:00AM – 12:00PM

Airport transportation is reserved and paid for through your online account. Select Transportation in your camper’s itinerary. A flight number is required and must be provided to secure transportation in your online account.

Letters and Packages from Home

Receiving care packages and mail from friends and family is one of the highlights of camp! Most campers will receive letters or a care package at least one time during the week. Here’s everything you need to know!

Step 1: The Items

  • Snacks, a journal, small trinkets or games, a note to your camper. You know your camper best! Food must be sealed, and please do not send gum! For the safety of all campers and staff, please do not include snacks with common airborne allergies such as peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, etc.

Step Two: Packaging

  • Large envelopes, fun gift bags, small boxes are all great options. Please Note: Boxes can be no larger than a shoe box and everything MUST be sealed.

Step 3: Labeling

  • Your package or letter needs 3 things: Camper’s Name, Cabin Number, and Day of Delivery. Please Note: We do not make deliveries on Saturday or Sunday.

Step 4: Drop-Off

  • On Sunday, drop off your mail in the Legacy Center. Do not mail packages to camp via USPS, FedEx, or UPS. We have no way to guarantee their timely arrival.

Of course, we offer amazing pre-made care packages (SkyPacks) that can be purchased through your online account (select Pre-Orders) and delivered on the day noted. Our awesome Corner Store will also be open in the Legacy Center on Sunday. Here you can purchase some great Sky Ranch gear to be delivered on the day of your choice to your camper’s cabin.

Camper Photos and Parent Emails

We have incredibly talented photographers who spend the whole week capturing your camper doing incredibly fun things! These pictures are uploaded daily for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. You’ll definitely want to spend some time every day seeing the amazing fun happening at camp. You can add other family members (think grandparents or favorite aunts) to view the pictures under Manage Guests in your camper’s itinerary. Also, we have a great email service so you can send your campers email during the week and let them know you are thinking about them. You can sign up under Send Emails in your online account. 

Laundry Service

Laundry service is only available for campers staying multiple consecutive weeks. Please be sure to label all of your camper’s clothing clearly. We do not recommend sending clothing that requires special care, is delicate, or expensive. Cost for this service is $16 per camper and can be secured by selecting Reservations on the itinerary in your online account and adding Laundry Service.