What to Bring to Summer Camp

Required Items

Please make sure to label all of your camper's belongings!

Clothing T-shirts/tops (no strapless)
Blue jeans/long pants Shorts (modest length please)
Raincoat/poncho* Lightweight jacket/fleece
Tennis shoes (2 pair) Swimsuit (one-piece only)
Clothes to get dirty Water shoes or old sneakers
Baseball cap/hat* Twin bed sheets/blankets/sleeping bag
Night event costumes Pillow & pillow case
Water bottle* Towels (shower & beach)*
Socks Toiletries*
Hand sanitizer Pajamas


Optional Extras

Disposable cameras Flashlight*
Sunscreen Laundry bag
Insect repellent Wash cloth
Bible/journal/pens* Care packages**
Stationery/stamps* (Pre-addressed please)  


* For your convenience, these items are available for purchase at the Corner Store, located in the Legacy Center.

** Care packages - We have some new restirections this year to comply with CDC recomendations. Learn more about care packages on the Pre-Camp Checklist page. Sky Ranch also offers the option to purchase pre-made Sky Packs for cabin delivery. These can be purchased through your Online Account

Helpful Hints

  • Please pack using a large suitcase or trunk (no larger than 40Lx37Wx16H)
  • Each evening we have a themed night event and encourage your campers to dress up and get in "costume!" 
  • Don't buy a lot of new clothing - this is camp, and we will most likely get wet and dirty!
  • Use ziplock bags to waterproof items.
  • Don't send anything that you consider irreplaceable.
  • Clearly and boldly label all of your child's belongings.
  • Strapless clothing, mini-skirts, two-piece swimsuits or t-shirts with large cut outs are not allowed.
  • All shorts must be a modest length (fingertip length) and we have a NO ROLL rule. 

For Young Riders & Sky Fillies Rodeo Camps

  • Camper will need riding boots.
  • If your camper is bringing their own horse to camp, please remember to bring buckets, feed, supplements, and all tack required for your horse for the week. If using a Sky Ranch horse, all of the above will be provided.
  • A riding helmet is required. If you do not have a helmet, Sky Ranch will provide one.
  • We will divide into teams for the Rodeo, so please pack both a red and a blue shirt.

What NOT to Bring to Summer Camp

Any web-enabled devices Cell phones Alcohol
Tobacco products iPads/tablets Fireworks
Handheld video game systems Computers Bikes
Paintball guns and gear Skateboards Illegal drugs
Skeet shooting equipment Wake boarding equipment Climbing gear
Weapons (including pocket knives and multi-tools) Money (please see Ranch Bank) Archery equipment
Personal sports equipment Pets  Scooters


Any electronic device that can access the internet breaches our security policy. If discovered by a counselor, it will be collected and stored until the end of the camper's session. In addition, Sky Ranch cannot be responsible for lost or broken articles. Please do not bring anything that would break easily or cause loss if misplaced.