What to Bring to Launch Camp

As you prepare for Sky Ranch Launch Camp, below is a list of items you will need to pack each day for your camper. When you pick up your child at the end of the day, you will receive information concerning activities for the following day. Please read the information and be sure to note these additional items of clothing for water days. 


Please make sure to label all of your campers belongings!

  • Water bottle
  • Extra clothes (just in case)
  • Tennis shoes
  • Suncreen (please apply in the morning, we will reapply)
  • Lunch and drink
  • Emergency Medications: (Albuterol inhalers and Epinephrine injectors are the ONLY medications which can be accepted by Launch Camp staff.  Staff members are trained in administration of albuterol inhalers and epinephrine auto-injectors only.  All other medications must be administered by a parent prior to the morning activities or after pickup. Please email the Sky Ranch Health Center Administrator at jenw@skyranch.org with any questions.)

Water Days

Monday and Friday will not be a Water Day. Please refer to the take-home sheets given at checkout each day for more information.

  • Swimsuit (under your child's clothes, please!)
    • Girls: Modest one-piece. No V-Necks.
    • Boys: Appropriate length shorts. No Speedos.
  • Gallon sized bag for wet swimsuit
  • Water shoes (required for water activities)
  • Towel


Please send your child to camp every day wearing shorts and a t-shirt or something that they can easily run around and play hard in. Tennis shoes are a MUST! We will spend a lot of time running and playing during games and special events. it is easier (and more fun) for your child if they don't have to worry about messing up any new clothing or their shoes falling off. Please send your child with the above items in a bag or backpack everyday. Many of our activities will include water features to help us cool off in the heat of the day. We require campers to wear shoes at ALL times, so it might be helpful for your child to have a pair of water shoes to wear for those events, so that they don't spend the dry parts of the day in wet shoes. Any kind of "Teva" style or "Aqua Sock" will be great, and even an old pair of tennis shoes will work. 


What NOT to Bring to Launch Camp

Cell phones Computers
iPads Money
Handheld video game systems Fireworks
Any web-enabled devices Illegal drugs
Tobacco products Pets
Weapons (including pocket knives and multi-tools) Alcohol
Personal sports equipment (everything you need will be provided for your activities)  


Any electronic device that can access the internet breaches our security policy. If discovered by a counselor, it will be collected and stored until the end of the camper's session. In addition, Sky Ranch cannot be responsible for lost or broken articles. Please do not bring anything that would break easily or cause loss if misplaced.

Cell phones are not permitted for safety and security reasons. If a cellphone is discovered by a counselor, it will be collected and stored until the end of the day.