What to Bring to Camp


  • Please make sure that you clearly and boldly label all of your camper's belonging!
  • There is no opporunity to do laundry, so come prepared!
Jacket or fleece - very necessary Western clothes
Rain jacket or poncho - very necessary Hat and sunglasses
One-piece swimsuit for water activities Both pants and shorts
Sturdy shoes for hiking Socks, underwear, pajamas
Older pair of tennis shoes for daily use T-shirts/tops: both long and short sleeves
Lip Balm Night event costumes
Water shoes - either sandals with back straps or shoes that can get wet Hand sanitizer


Camp Life

  • Don't forget a sleeping bag and pillow! It doesn't need to be specifically weather-rated for Cave Springs.
  • Flashlight/Head lamp and watch.
  • Some days, it can get rainy in Oklahoma, so be SURE to bring a rain jacket!
  • Snacks for the bus ride.
  • DON'T FORGET! Please remember your Bible, a journal (spiral notebook is fine), and pen.
  • Sunscreen, bug spray, and toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste, etc).
  • Disposable camera (phones will not be allowed)
  • Stationery and stamps.
  • Two towels (for shower and the Springs).
  • **Water Bottle** It is recommended to bring two if possible.
  • For Sigma Seniors: Also, bring you "My Story" wood round you started at Sigma Jr. last summer. If you have lost it, we will provide another one for you.

Helpful Hints

  • You are traveling by bus, so space is limited. Therefore, each camper is limited to one large duffel bag or suitcase (not to exceed 50lbs), a sleeping bag, and a carry-on backpack. NO TRUNKS, please.
  • We have new guidelines for care packages this year! Be sure to check them out!
  • Don't buy a lot of new clothing - this is camp, and we will most likely get wet and dirty!
  • Use ziplock bags to waterproof items.
  • Don't send anything that you consider irreplaceable.
  • Clearly and boldly label all of your belongings.
  • Strapless clothing, mini-skirts, or t-shirts with large cut outs are not allowed.
  • All shorts must be a modest length (fingertip length) and we have a NO ROLL rule.

What NOT to Bring

Any web-enabled devices Wake boarding equipment
Tobacco products (Juul, vape, e-cig, etc.) Pets
Handheld video game systems Alcohol
Paintball guns or gear Fireworks
Skeet shooting equipment Bikes
Climbing gear Illegal drugs
Personal sports equipment Skateboards
Cell phones Archery equipment
iPads/tablets Scooters
Computer Weapons (including pocket knives and multi-tools)


Cell Phone Policy

We do not allow cell phones or Wi-Fi enabled devices at Sky Ranch. We know the large role that phones play in our culture and the distraction that they can be. Our hope is that for the weeks that campers are in Oklahoma, they can truly disconnect from the distractions of life and engage in their relationship with God and with other campers and staff. Any electronic device we find it will be collected and stored until the end of the camper's session. In addition, Sky Ranch cannot be responsible for lost or broken articles. Please do not bring anything that would break easily or cause loss if misplaced.