Updated July 12th

For 65 years Sky Ranch has been committed to the health and safety of our campers. This guiding principle is the foundation of our ministry – believing intentional fun and spiritual development can only happen in an environment that is safe. We are working closely with state and local governments and health professionals to limit the exposure and mitigate the risk of spread of COVID-19. We are meeting and exceeding CDC recommendations for conducting camp this summer, while maintaining the same experience of fun, friendship and spiritual development you have come to expect from Sky Ranch. We are thankful for your trust in our ability to create an incredible week of fun for your camper and your family. These are uncharted waters for all of us, but we also recognize that now, more than ever, our campers need the opportunity for spiritual and emotional growth that camp can provide.
This summer, we are grouping our campers in cabin groups/pods as recommended by the CDC. We are keeping these groups under 50 campers to limit possible exposure. When campers are in their cabin group, they are not required to wear face coverings or maintain social distance. When interacting with campers/staff outside of their cabin group, they will ‘buff up’ (wear their face covering) or practice social distancing –or both, if deemed necessary. Please note that each of our sites are in different towns with separate operational staff. 
We are committed to maintaining your trust and confidence by being completely transparent about potential exposure at any of our locations. If a camper has been exposed to a positive case, we will communicate directly and individually with each camper family from the cabin group/pod in question. Our desire is to keep our camper families updated and informed while honoring the privacy of individual campers. We are working closely with local health agencies and following all guidelines regarding contact tracing, reporting cases, getting test results and we are relying on their expertise to guide us. 
Per our protocols, campers and staff are required to have daily temperature screenings. Additionally, campers exhibiting signs of illness are isolated, assessed, and sent home if appropriate. Any time a staff member is directly exposed to a positive COVID case or exhibits symptoms of illness, they are immediately quarantined and tested, and remain in isolation until receipt of test results. 


Van, Texas location
During Session 2 we received a call from a parent stating that their camper had a relative at home who had tested positive. The camper returned home immediately and was tested, resulting in a positive test. All camper parents from that pod were notified and given the option of remaining at camp or returning home. To our knowledge, one other camper from that pod received a positive test result after returning home. All counselors from the pod were quarantined and tested, all resulting in negative tests.
During Session 5, a camper parent notified us that their Session 4 camper had tested positive for COVID after camp. All camper parents from the Session 4 camper pod received communication regarding possible exposure. All counselor's connected to that camper's cabins were quarentined and tested. All results were negative. 

Out of an abundance of caution for our campers, their families, and our staff, we have made the extremely difficult decision to not host Session 7 (July 12 - 17) at our Van location. We have multiple counselors who began showing potential symptoms of COVID within the last 12 hours, and as has been our standard protocol, they will need to be quarantined and tested before they can serve in a cabin. The health and safety of your camper is, and always has been, paramount at Sky Ranch. Because we are unable to ensure that your camper will not be exposed, without additional evaluation that we cannot complete before the start of today’s session, we will not be hosting camp for Session 7 (July 12 - 17) at our Van, TX location. 

Cave Springs, Oklahoma location
During Session 4, a Sigma Senior camper began exhibiting symptoms of illness and returned home to be tested. The camper received a positive test result. All camper parents from that pod were notified and staff were quarantined and tested. We have since received communication from camper parents regarding additional positive test results. All staff from that pod have been quarantined and tested. At this time, multiple counselors have tested positive and will remain quarantined per CDC recommendations.

During Session 6, the Quest CO program wrapped up a day early due to a camper testing positive for COVID in that program. The camper was not showing symptoms and was tested while receiving offsite medical treatment for a non-COVID related incident. To our knowledge, one other camper from that pod received a positive test result after returning home. All camper families were notified and all staff are currently quarantined.

Two operational staff tested positive for COVID during Session 6.  Both are in a non-camper pod and have little interaction with campers, unlike counselors, so direct exposure is extremely limited.  The entire activities staff is in quarantine, awaiting testing results, and out of an abundance of caution, we will not host Session 7 at our Cave Springs location.

Horn Creek, Colorado location
We are unaware of any positive test results at this time.
Ute Trail, Colorado location
We are unaware of any positive test results at this time.
Day Camp locations
We are unaware of any positive test results at this time.