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Defeated No More - Lainie Montgomery

Scripture, News & Events, Parenting Tips

Defeated. Moms, you know the feeling: The plan for a homecooked dinner that turns into another crazy, eat-on-the-run meal; the intentional family devotional time that turns into a sibling wrestling match; the unwanted comparison game that leaves you feeling discontent and unsatisfied; the heartbreak of a broken relationship you don’t know how to fix; the words and tones you wish you could unwind.


Easter Recipe - Nappa Cabbage Salad

What are your Go-To recipes to serve for Easter lunch? My family always requests my cream corn, green bean bundles and a delicious salad.


Work as Worship - Ariel Banda

The Fellowship

A lot of this past year has consisted of God challenging and growing me in my views and experiences of biblical community, Christian servant leadership, conflict resolution, forgiveness and reconciliation, discipleship, prayer, reading the Word, and many other aspects of the Christian life that are molding me into the man that I am becoming.

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Lainie Montgomery - Celebrating the Biggest Win

Parenting Tips, Scripture

We all love to celebrate a good win. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, games and achievements. One of the things that my husband and I committed to do when our children were young was creating family traditions around our celebrations.


Becoming Less - Lindsay Puckett

The Fellowship

“He must increase, and therefore I must decrease.” John 3:30  

Over the past eight months of the Fellowship I have been learning a whole lot about myself.  A lot of which stems from pride.  I’ve never known how much I struggled with pride until this year.  I love to win, I’ve known that I love to win, but I never realized it’s because I can’t seem to get over myself.

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3 reasons - Alyssa Hall

The Fellowship

3 reasons why you should never do the Fellowship

April Fools :)

Here are 3 reasons why you SHOULD do the Fellowship:

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What Sky Ranch is doing with Telemedicine

Parenting Tips

Sky Ranch takes your child’s well-being seriously. In addition to staffing Health Care Professionals at the Health Center in Van, TX during summer camp, Sky Ranch also provides Telemedicine!