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Renewed – Lilli Kiehl

by Mackenzie Shaver on March 10, 2016

What does it mean to be renewed? One of the definitions for renewed is to reestablish a relationship.  I have been digging into what it means to be renewed. Often in Scripture it talks about renewing our spirits or our minds. What does that look like? When we become a Christian, and dedicate our lives to God, we choose to enter into a relationship with Him. Just as with friends and family we must continually pursue a relationship with them by meeting with them and talking with them; the same goes for God. What does it look like to renew our spirits and our minds as Christians? It means reestablishing or strengthening our relationship with God. It means meeting with Him by spending time in Scripture, just as we meet with friends. It means diving into prayer to communicate with Him, just as we often spend hours talking with friends. Do we commit time as Christians to continually renew and pursue a relationship with God? May we continually pursue God in all things, and may we ask to be renewed by the wellspring of life.

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