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At Sky Ranch, we believe God uses a week of summer camp to influence and shape a child’s life, and we desire that every child have the opportunity to experience a life-changing week of summer camp that God provides through Sky Ranch. Because of this belief, in 2004 Sky Ranch started inviting a group of underserved children to experience a week of being invested in while having fun. This is TRU Camp.

We are able to provide this wonderful opportunity through the donations made by thousands of loyal ministry partners and Sky Ranch families who too believe this amazing camp experience is for all.  Our children specifically come from ministries and organizations who serve high-risk families as we seek for TRU Camp to be an extension of what those organizations are already doing in the child’s life.

TRU Camp gets its name from three worldview questions that we ask our campers to think about as we invest in them spiritually.

T – Who do you trust?

We introduce our campers to the value and importance of trust. Many of these campers put their hope in things that are weak and that either have failed them or will fail them in the future, causing distrust. Throughout the week, we establish that there is something they can trust that will not fail them or let them down, and that is a relationship with God.

R – What is real?

Many of our campers come from an environment that feeds them the cultural lie of who they should be and gives them a version of what the world tells them is true.  Our desire is to break this cycle and introduce what is real: to combat the lie and reveal ultimate truth.  

U – Who are you?

We share with our campers what their ultimate identity is and what God’s greater purpose of their lives are: they are sons and daughters of the Most High King whose purpose is to reflect Christ to this world.

We believe these three questions are crucial to answer as one seeks to develop their relationship with Christ. We want to equip our campers with the answers of these questions so that they may thrive in the way God has planned for them to, not just at camp but back home in their communities.

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