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Never Waste Meat

by Amanda Murray on December 10, 2013

I’m a relatively new dad.  I have two boys, Cannon who is 2 and Nixon who is 7 months.  As Cannon started eating “real” food, it seemed I was always reminding him that as a Pfalser, “we don’t waste meat”.  This is a constant reminder that we don’t leave meat on our plate… he could probably be okay to leave vegetables but not meat.   He is 2, so it seems to be going in one ear and out the other, cause there is always meat left over.

Over the years of gleaning wisdom from great parents that I’ve had the privilege to know, they all seemed to have one common suggestion…consistency.  In everything, be consistent, in fun, in rules and most importantly, in love.  The moment I get lazy or I stop being consistent with my behavior, my child’s behavior will revert back to what is easy and lazy.

Again, my child is 2.  I tell him to “never waste meat” and it seems to not be going anywhere.  This isn’t a rule, there is no punishment, but I hope he learns to be a good steward with what he has.  Over time, I’ll explain what this really is about and hopefully he’ll remember it for a lifetime.

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Clinton Pfalser is the Summer Operations Manager at Sky Ranch. He is the husband to Jill (a previous Summer Camp Program Manager) and father to little two boys.



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