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Me Inc Camps

Me, Inc. Camps

Me Inc. Camps are designed to work with any student population to help them establish a sense of ownership in their lives and establish a positive direction for their futures.

The focus of the iLead camps in this program is to help each student learn that they are President and CEO of their corporation, "Me, Inc.", and they are responsible for the decisions they make, which will determine the success or failure of their corporation (their future).

An effective leader has a vision which changes the course of action for others. Over time, that vision becomes a legacy for those who follow. Through iLead Me, Inc. camps, we strive to train effective leaders who will leave a positive legacy in the communities they serve. Me, Inc. camps are tailored to meet the needs of students desiring to improve their leadership skills and become effective leaders in their schools and communities.

Legacy Camps

Raw Materials

Raw Materials is a one to three day program where students learn who they are right now. They begin by looking at themselves as a raw material waiting to be developed. We encourage students to appreciate the process it takes to shape a raw material into a finished product. This process shapes who they are and who they will become. Through this program they will learn how to stay true to the character traits they have learned about themselves. Each section of the program has hands on activities where students get to practice these skills and process them as a group ranging from 15 to 25 students. The group activities will be led by a Funologist who will be able to ask the students questions that go beyond surfact level. The program will end with a legacy talk where students get to discuss how they desire to be remembered, which gives them a goal to aim for as they continue to lead in their schools.

Lift Camps

Lift Camps

Lift camp is a one day energizer, conducted at our Van, TX location. Lift camps are designed to inspire students to see beyond their horizons using Sky Ranch’s high ropes elements (Zip Line, Pole, Pendulum, and Vertical Playground). LIFT uses these exciting activities to inspire students to realize their potential to achieve higher standards for themselves.


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