Effective Curriculum

Results are in! 28% improvement in test scores!

Our curriculum is specifically designed to address the current TEKS, ensuring the full range of academic content aligns with the thorough standards required in the formal classroom. Content is delivered in specially designed outdoor classrooms, by high energy and entertaining instructional staff we call Funologists. Sky Ranch Outdoor Education offers students a quality educational experience through:

  • Rigorous academic content
  • High-energy instructional staff
  • Engaging classroom settings
  • Nearly 60 years of creative experience in camping


After years of anecdotal comments from teachers and administrators about the impression this program has had on their students, we contracted with an independent research consultant to quantify the impact of our Outdoor Education program. Partnering with a true Title I school as our test group, we analyzed the STAAR test results of students who failed the District Administered Benchmark Test in January. 78% of the students who were not successful in January on the Benchmark test and attended Sky Ranch before their April STAAR were successful in passing the STAAR test. By contrast, 50% of the students who passed did not attend Sky Ranch before the test. That is a 28% gain on state testing results! Bottom line…it works!


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