Sky Ranch - Van, Texas

Van, Texas

This beautiful property located in East Texas offers top-notch facilities, wide-open fields and a private 93-acre lake. The home of Sky Ranch since 1978, this place has been a haven of Christian fellowship for thousands of children, counselors and families over the years.

Sky Ranch Van, TX
24657 CR 448
Van, TX 75790

Main Phone: (903) 266-3300
Fax: (903) 569-6357

Sky Ranch - Horn Creek

Horn Creek, Colorado

The newest member of the Sky Ranch family, Horn Creek rests at the base of Horn Peak on the Eastern slope of the Sangre de Cristo ("Blood of Christ") Mountain Range, near Westcliffe, Colorado. Acquired in late 2015, Sky Ranch hosts Leadership Camps, Family Camps, and retreat groups at this ideal setting for bonding and relaxation.

Sky Ranch Horn Creek
6758 County Road 130
Westcliffe, CO 81252

Main Phone: (719) 783-2205
Fax: (719) 783-2547

Programs Offered at Horn Creek, CO

Sky Ranch - Van, Texas

Ute Trail, Colorado

In between Lake City and Gunnison, Colorado, Sky Ranch Ute Trail is nestled in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. Providing a host of mountain-top fun for our Wilderness, Leadership and Family programs, campers enjoy kayaking on Lake San Cristobal, whitewater rafting down the Upper Taylor River and exploring the beautiful terrain on horseback or with backpacks!

Sky Ranch Ute Trail, CO
1329 State Highway 149
Powderhorn, CO 81243

Main Phone: (970) 641-0717
Fax: (970) 641-6098

Programs Offered at Ute Trail, CO

Cave Springs, Oklahoma

Part of the Sky Ranch Family since 2004, Sky Ranch Cave Springs is located in the breath-taking foothills of the Ozark Mountains in Northeast Oklahoma. This 1400-acre non-denominational facility holds all the adventure of camping, yet all the comforts of home. Located in a convenient four-state area, Cave Springs provides an environment that enables guests to focus on God and free their mind of the stress of everyday life.

Sky Ranch Cave Springs
7750 S 655 Rd
Quapaw, OK 74363

Main Phone: (918) 542-1547
Fax: (918) 540-3618

Sky Ranch - Cave Springs

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

In North Dallas, Sky Ranch houses its Sales and Development offices. Located at the corner of 75 and LBJ, accessible via Park Central Drive, Merit Drive or Banner Drive. Parking is located at the base of the building.

Sky Ranch Sales & Development Office
7616 LBJ Freeway, Suite 500

Dallas, TX 75251

Main Phone: (469) 484-4840
Fax: (469) 484-4845

Sky Ranch - Cave Springs

Programs Offered in the DFW area


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