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Things Are Not Always Peachy – Erik Swenson

by Kate Roden on July 7, 2015

Living in community makes people think of joy, laughter, sharpening one another, and friendship. These things are obtainable in surface level communities. The first one to usually go out the window is sharpening one another because people do not want to ruin the community by calling others out. This is something I personally struggle with because I am a people pleaser. I desire for things to be all nice and cozy with as little conflict as possible. The best way to handle conflict is by avoiding it, right? Well it is not, which we all know, but it is easier said than done.


During the year of the fellowship there was conflict and we did try to deal with it by confronting one another. There were a lot of frustrations that we had to deal with and a lot of things we had to work through. However during the year we were followers, so a lot of our complaints and frustrations were things out of our control. We were unable to fix some of frustrations because of that and allowed us to stay close as a community.


This summer has been a shift for our community because we have gone from following to leading. We now have fourteen of us leading one program, split up into three teams consisting of four to five members. Each member of the team has different responsibilities and different tasks they need to take care of. The thing about having fourteen different leaders for one program is that everyone has different ideas on how to do things. During the year most of the things were planned for us so we did not have to worry about how to execute the plan. But now since we are in charge we have to figure out the plan, how to execute it, and follow through with it. Consequently it has a driven a wedge into our community because ideas clash, things do not go according to plan, and we all want our ideas to be the one chosen.


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Through all of this I have learned to choose my battles. I have learned that my ideas are not always the best, and even if I think my ideas are the best it is alright to go with other people’s ideas.  I have also learned to actually deal with conflict and talk it out. We practiced it during the year, but this summer is so much different. If it is not addressed then frustrations build up and we do not function well as a team. We all of have noticed that our community is changing as we lead our sites, lead our staff, and lead one program. It is a lot of pressure, but from it we are all growing. We are seeing that Launch Camp is bigger than us that everything is for God not ourselves. Even though things are not peachy inside our community things are getting better. We spend time together every Monday, and if there is ever boba tea involved you better bring a shield because you will get shot. As we continue to seek God and serve God this summer our community will continually change. Change is not something I am a fan of, but I see the necessity for it. So now that we are the ones leading we have to choose to love one another and die to ourselves by doing things we do not want to do in order for us to do camp with excellence and share Jesus Christ with these kids. It is a work in progress, but God is guiding each one of us and teaching us more about his character and nature.


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