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Introducing the 2015-2016 Year 1 Fellows!

by Mackenzie Shaver on September 21, 2015

The 2015-2016 Legacy Fellowship has officially kicked off!  They arrived in August and have been going non-stop since they unpacked their bags.  They have been in some intense training to learn what being a Fellow is all about, and have begun to put what they have learned into practice.  This blog exists to let you see real people doing a real job and investing real time into the lives of others.  It’s a glimpse into being a Fellow and what their day-to-day actually looks and feels like, what they are learning, and a way to remember this challenging and wonderful year.  The Fellows are from all over, some former Sky Ranch Staff, some never having worked at a camp before, but they all LOVE JESUS, LOVE KIDS, and desire to be a part of Biblical community. With that being said, here are the 2015-2016 Year 1 Fellows!  


Jake McCain


Hometown: Cypress, Texas
University/College:  Dallas Baptist University
Major: Camp/Sport Leadership

Jake considers himself “obsessed” with Texas! He is a member of Psi Omega Phi at DBU and would love to continue his career in camping, either in the US or internationally. He served three summers as a summer staffer at Sky Ranch.


Josh Gee

Hometown: Bejiing, China
University/College: Grand Canyon University
Major: Business Management

A former Sky Ranch summer camp counselor, Josh grew up in China where he was once in a movie with Jackie Chan’s son. He loves music, sports, and traveling, and hopes to one day start a camp like Sky Ranch in a foreign country.


Veronica LaBorde

Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
University/College: Texas Christian University
Major: Journalism

Veronica comes from a large family, with 27 first cousins.  She has a long history with Deer Creek camp and hopes to pursue a career in photography and ministry.  She has a strong aversion to buttons and has only attended private schools.


Caitlin Steves


Hometown: Plano, Texas
University/College: The University of Oklahoma
Major: Counseling and Social Issues

Caitlin is a familiar face at Sky Ranch, having been a camper for 10 years before serving as a counselor and camp manager. She enjoys camping, wood burning, and hammocking. An interesting fact about Caitlin is that she has 26 screws in her face because of jaw surgery.


Patrick Gardner


Hometown: Crestview, Florida
University/ College: University of Central Florida
Major: Accounting

An avid weight lifter, Patrick can bench press the combined body weight of three other Fellows. He once had a conversation with Michael Jordan, when the younger Jordan played for UCF. His future plans involve ministry, camping, and rental property.


Lynette Benson


Hometown: Forest Lake, Minnesota
University/ College: Viterbo University
Major: Masters of Business Administration

Lynette won a National Championship in team volleyball and enjoys reading, Netflix, and exploring the world. She holds the distinction of being the first sibling Fellow of a past Fellow, and she loves Batman.


Jon Murry


Hometown: Camden, Arkansas
University/ College: Ouachita Baptist University
Major: Christian Studies

A former collegiate golfer, Jon served as a Sky Ranch counselor in 2014.  He was raised on a farm in Arkansas and enjoys golf, fishing, and eating at good restaurants.  He plans to build his career in youth ministry and hopes to write Bible study material.


Jaclyn Boese


Hometown: Carrollton, Texas
University/College: Texas A&M University
Major: Agricultural Science

Jaclyn spent the past summer serving at Sky Ranch Ute Trail. She was a backup dancer for the Black Eyed Peas and Usher at the Super Bowl, and enjoys dancing, camping, and watching movies. When asked why cows are her favorite animal, Jaclyn explained that “they are cute and they taste good”.


Peter Wise


Hometown: Minden, Louisiana
University/College: Louisiana Tech University
Major: Psychology

A true Cajun from Louisiana, Peter spends his free time playing the drums and ukulele, drawing, and creating espionages. He hates peanut butter, but loves Superman and hopes to pursue a Masters in Counseling.


Lizzy Cook


Hometown: Denton, Texas
University/College: Texas A&M University
Major: English/History, Education: Grades 4-8

Lizzy has served in a variety of summer camp roles at Sky Ranch, both at the Van and Ute Trail locations. She enjoys reading, teaching, and dancing, and spent her 17th birthday (March 17) in Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day. Her future plans include classroom teaching or full-time ministry.


Matt Ray


Hometown: Plano, Texas
University/College: Ouachita Baptist University
Major: Christian Studies, emphasis Bible Studies

Matt’s Sky Ranch history includes service at Van and Cave Springs.  He is a left handed ping pong player and violinist who enjoys music, sports, and reading.  His hopes for his time in the Fellowship include developing a greater passion for who God is and having a better understanding of how to love others genuinely.

Nicole Hurst


Hometown: Mooresville, Indiana
University/College: Indiana Wesleyan University
Major: TESOL and English

Nicole comes to the Fellowship hoping to gain Biblical leadership skills, community, and spiritual discipline.  She enjoys reading, crocheting, and making up words.  She’s a snow globe collector who can’t stand Ranch dressing.



Kyle Cooper


Hometown: Portland, Texas
University/College: Hardin Simmons University
Major: Biblical Studies

Kyle enjoys music, card tricks and theology, and once performed in “Star Wars in Concert”.  He served as a missionary in Ireland and hopes to continue in international missions work while teaching English in Korea or Japan.


Barrett Bass


Hometown: Coppell, Texas
University/College: Texas Tech University
Major:  Human Development & Family Studies

A collegiate baseball player, Barrett has served two summers with Sky Ranch, at Van and Ute Trail.  He enjoys sports, music, and cooking, and has plans to serve in full time ministry.  He aspires to write a book before he is 40 years old.

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