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10 Things NOT to do as a Legacy Fellow – Amy Shaw

by Kate Roden on April 14, 2015

Advice (noun): an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc. [Source: Dictionary App] I have been a Fellow since August of 2014 which gives me about seven months of official Sky Ranch employee experience. Therefore, I am more than excited to give you all some “opinions or recommendations as a guid to action or conduct” for those thinking of becoming a fellow Fellow. The following list is in no particular order, and even though you might find a giggle or two out of this advice, I think you should really keep note of these items!


10 things you should not do as a Legacy Fellow:

  1. Don’t miss a call on the security phone – that one wasp in a cabin full of men can’t be taken care of without your help.
  2. Don’t miss a vacation with the Fellows – even if it seems like a trip to Colorado may be not be the greatest idea after 4 months of non-stop working.
  3. Don’t kick down doors – someone from maintenance usually arrives at 7am.
  4. Don’t expect your Northern Fellows to know how everything works in the south – “I’ve never seen trick-or-treaters before!!”-Northern Fellow.
  5. Don’t miss an opportunity to watch a coworker’s proposal – even if it means you have to hide in the trees so you aren’t seen.
  6. Don’t forget to sweep your driveway of leaves – why would you forget that?
  7. Don’t do corporate calls in front of people who make you laugh – unless you like making apologetic follow-up calls.
  8. Don’t leave every chance you get multiple days off in a row – you never know when you might miss a shaving cream fight in the Meadow.
  9. Don’t miss Hasz children soccer games – your family group is there to be your home and family away from home.
  10. Don’t assume that if it is raining that you’ll be teaching inside – because you won’t.

Sky Ranch does an amazing job at making sure that each Fellow is being taken care of in all situations, but it is important that as a Fellow, you don’t forget to take care of Sky Ranch as well. From this list I hope it reminds you three main things that you really shouldn’t forget: take care of camp, take care of yourself, and love your co-workers. It is easy and second nature to love guests and serve them to the best of our God-given abilities, just don’t forget about the surrounding picture.




Fellows are on 24/7, we are there when the sun rises at camp and when it sets. The Ranch is our home, therefore it is really important that we treat it as our home, and we love to do such a thing. From picking up trash while walking around camp to sweeping leaves off your driveway, we respect our camp. We have a great team at Sky Ranch that makes upkeep simple but when our team is only on camp from 8-5 it is up to the Fellows to make sure that camp is still keeping the WOW factor for our guests whom are still active around camp when majority of staff has left. After 5 Fellows are house keeping, we are maintenance, we are coordinators, we are security, and even though it might be hard at times we love the opportunity to give back to Sky Ranch in such a way.


Along with taking care of the Ranch you cannot forget to take care of yourself as well. You need rest but you also need “fun time”! I am not saying that you should never leave Van, TX, what I’m saying is stay in town some weekends you have off, there is always something going on that you will not regret partaking in. Take some time to go to a local coffee shop with a Fellow, you don’t HAVE to talk to them while you’re there. Hangout with your family group outside of your allotted family group time. Take that trip to Colorado with the fellows, use the money you haven’t had to use on groceries (because the dining hall is awesome and feeds you all your meals!)


Last but not least, Sky Ranch employees work with the mindset we call “One Sky”. One Sky means that even though we all may work in different departments, we are still one. “So if there is any encouragement in Christ, any comfort in love, any participation in the Spirit, any affection and sympathy, complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind” -Philippians 2:1. We are constantly encouraged to seek out other departments, help them out when we can, and create relationships with them. I can tell you from experience: you won’t regret it. My year as a Fellow is not only with the other 13 but it is also with the rest of Sky Ranch and all that comes with them. The relationships that we have created with those of other departments have led to hangout with their kids, birthday parties, weddings, trusting us with prayer requests… With One Sky, you know that no matter how big the request may be, the answer is always “yes”.




My final advice to past fellows, current Fellows, and future Fellows is: do not take advantage of what, and who, Sky Ranch has to offer us, just don’t do it.

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