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Meet the Fellows!

by Amanda Murray on September 19, 2014

The 2014-2015 Legacy Fellowship has officially kicked off!  They arrived on August 16th and have been going non-stop since they unpacked their bags.  They have been in some intense training to learn what being a Fellow is all about.  This blog exists to let you see real people doing a real job and investing real time into the lives of others.  It’s a glimpse into being a Fellow and what their day-to-day actually looks and feels like, and it’s a fun diary of sorts to show off their year and remember it all.  The Fellows are from all over, some former Sky Ranch Staff, some never having worked at a camp before, but they all LOVE JESUS, LOVE KIDS, and desire to be a part of Biblical community.  Enjoy learning a little about each of the people you will hear from all year long on the blog.  Here we go….


Name: Taylor Slack

fellows-13Hometown: Shreveport, LA
Univ/College: Texas Christian University
Major: Entrepreneurial Management/PT

A four year counselor at Sky Ranch summer camp, Taylor was a competitive gymnast who loves family, coffee, and reading in a hammock.


Name: Lane Gramling

fellows-10Hometown: Upland, IN
Univ/College: Taylor University
Major: Christian Educational Ministries

Brand new to Sky Ranch, Lane enjoys hammocking, making his own coffee, and playing sports.  He was born in Alaska and hopes to build his career in ministry.

Name: Mitch Guerra

fellows-2Hometown: Waco, TX
Univ/College: Texas A&M University
Major: Psychology

Mitch served three summers as a Sky Ranch summer counselor.  He was a collegiate tennis player and loves dancing and reality TV.

Name: Amy Shaw

fellows-5Hometown: Monroe, LA
Univ/College: University of Mississippi
Major: Business Management

Amy is a true Life Mapper – she was a camper for seven years and has served on staff for two summers, in Van and at Ute. She was a high school cheerleader who loves traveling, movie theaters, and anything on the water.

Name: Nikki Spina

fellows-8Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Univ/College: Grove City College
Major: Communications

Nikki’s relationship started through the Sky Ranch Wilderness program where she served as a guide.  She enjoys being outside, painting, and shopping.

Name: Elizabeth Sloan

fellows-6Hometown: Lindale, TX
Univ/College: University of Oklahoma
Major: Communications

Although she graduated from an east Texas high school, Elizabeth is brand new to Sky Ranch.  She lived in Canada for a time and is trained in ballet.  She enjoys devotionals, family, Sonic, and going for long runs.

Name: Brandon Taylor

fellows-7Hometown: Needville, TX
Univ/College: Texas A&M University
Major: Wildlife & Fisheries Science

Brandon served at Sky Ranch for three summers on the A-team before becoming a Legacy Fellow.  Although music isn’t his strong suit, he can ride a unicycle and lick his elbow.  He loves trying new things and being with friends.

Name: Erik Swenson

fellows-3Hometown: Carrollton, TX
Univ/College: Howard Payne University
Major: History and Political Science

A three year Sky Ranch A-teamer in Van and Ute, Erik enjoys hammocking, rock climbing, and random adventures.  He was Mr. HPU, and has really stretchy elbows.

Name: Sarah Ellison

fellows-9Hometown: Lubbock, TX
Univ/College: Texas A&M University
Major: Rec and Parks

Sara’s Sky Ranch experience includes serving at the Van and Ute Trail locations.  She is in a band and has her own company, and enjoys playing guitar, fly fishing, naps, and hammocking.

Name: Jessica Coats

fellows-12Hometown: Carrollton, TX
Univ/College: University of Oklahoma
Major: Business – Energy Management

Jessica is a Sky Ranch Life Mapper – she was a camper for seven years and a counselor for one summer.  She considers herself extremely competitive and likes to spend time playing the guitar, reading, and hanging out in coffee shops.

Name: Rachel Brighton

fellows-1Hometown: Lancaster, PA
Univ/College: Indiana Wesleyan University
Major: Pre-Art Therapy

A newcomer to Sky Ranch, Rachel enjoys concerts, exploring new cities, reading, and journaling.  She is sensitive to caffeine in the late day, and her cousin sings with Rhianna.

Name: Michael Lawson

fellows-4Hometown: Sherman, TX
Univ/College: East Texas Baptist University
Major: Mass Communication

Michael first came to Sky Ranch as a camper, then as staff, serving as a counselor and on security.  He loves hunting, fishing, watching movies and laughing with friends, and is considering the military after the Fellowship.


Name: Cayden Dare

fellows-14Hometown: Tulsa, OK
Univ/College: University of Oklahoma
Major: Communication and Psychology

A two year Sky Ranch counselor, Cayden says his passion for basketball exceeds his ability to play.  He worked for the Oklahoma Thunder and enjoys watching Ninja Warrior, fixing things, and mountain biking.

Name: Ashley Edwards

fellows-11Hometown: Jacksonville, TX
Univ/College: Dallas Baptist University
Major: Kinesiology

Ashley is new to Sky Ranch but enjoys outdoor activities like archery and canoeing.  She loves her dogs like family and does a mean impression of Gollum from “Lord of the Rings”.

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